“90 Day Fiancé”: Sumit Plans to Have Children, but Hasn’t Talked to His 63-Year-Old Wife About It Jenny

Sumit wants to have a child in order to gain back the love of his family, but he has told his wife Jenny that he doesn’t want children.

90 Day Fiancé: A Happy Ending? On Sunday’s show, actor Sumit Singh had a very important message for Jenny Slatten, his brand-new wife.

To win back his family’s love after they rejected him for secretly marrying Jenny, 63, the 33-year-old intended to explain his newfound yearning for children.

The issue? Before getting married, Jenny and Sumit decided against having children, in part because of Jenny’s advanced age.

Sumit’s mother disowns him after learning that he wed a 30-year-old in the 90 Day Fiancé article. Jenny

90 Day Fiance

Sumit visited his parents throughout the episode. But when his parents failed to appear, Sumit was greeted by his aunt, who spoke sternly about the mental state of his family.

His mother is struggling emotionally, the aunt told the cameras.

She additionally informed Sumit, “It appears like your mother will go nuts given how she is acting at the moment. Her eyes had the appearance of being drunk or high from sobbing. Everyone is upset due to the age.”

Sumit resisted the pressure from his family to wed a younger woman because he was happy with Jenny. Children kept coming up, and Sumit recognized that if he could give his parents grandchildren, his family might not be as hostile to the marriage.

At that point, Sumit decided to make a promise to his family that he would have children in the future.

Sumit from 90 Days claims Jenny “broke” his stomach and dislocated his navel while “practicing” the Kama Sutra. He says, “No More Cowgirl.”

Sumit thought about informing Jenny when he got home, but they didn’t have the chat that night. He admitted, “I’m terrified to tell Jenny since I constantly tell Jenny I don’t want kids. “I don’t know how she’s going to react to it, but it might permanently alter our relationship,” I said.

Jenny told Sumit that it was time for them to move to America so that they could create a family of their own—her family—that would accept their relationship, rather than start a dialogue about having children.

However, the discussion of children hasn’t been the only area where Sumit and Jenny’s lifestyles have started to diverge.

Sumit informs Jenny he might start working seven days a week in a preview for the show airing the following week. Sumit is not yet ready to live the life of a retiree, but Jenny, is, and she wants to spend more time together.

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