90 Day: The Single Life season 3 finale — are Natalie and Mike together again?

Natalie returns to her husband Mike after spending the entire season dating other people. Does he, however, take her back?

90 Day Fiancé alum appeared on 90 Day: The Single Life for two seasons. While looking for love, Natalie Mordovtseva has been living it up in Florida. While she has dated a few guys in her ambition to conceive a family, her spouse Mike Youngquist’s residence in Washington state has always been known to be a significant obstacle.

They never really started the divorce process. Natalie made an effort to enjoy a single life in the ideal beach weather, but none of her suitors appeared to measure up to her husband.

The season finale, which aired on November 21, picks up where the previous week’s face-to-face meeting left off: Natalie is getting ready to tell Mike how she feels. However, Natalie’s adversary Trish, who is also known as Mike’s mother, interrupts them before the two can actually talk about their potential future. A very uncomfortable heated exchange is started by the mother.

Natalie makes an effort to be friendly with her mother-in-law and even claims to have a gift for her in an effort to diffuse the tense situation. However, as soon as the star leaves the room to get the gift, the matriarch is quick to utter an insult.

Trish doesn’t warm up to Natalie even after she gives her flowers. Trish expresses her displeasure with Natalie’s treatment of Mike in a very direct manner, even accusing Natalie of exploiting Mike as a means of entry into the US. When the husband continues to pay $1,000 each month to Natalie’s mother in Europe, she wonders what type of lady abandons her husband to date other men.

90 Day Natalie and Mike

Trish then poses the question on viewers’ minds: Does Natalie want a divorce? after laying everything out in the open. Natalie casually shrugs off the question and states that she is unsure.

Trish becomes enraged by the statement as she flees “What do you mean you’re uncertain? Even being here is not what you want.” Trish goes on the attack on Natalie, questioning why her son would want to accept her back after everything she’s done to him. In the scene, Mike is fairly silent. Natalie starts crying because she feels attacked. Fortunately for her, her husband gives her comfort.

Are Natalie and Mike from 90 Day: The Single Life dating?

Once they are able to talk privately, Natalie apologises to Mike for upsetting him by leaving. She continues the regretful thought by adding “I want to return. Consider it, okay?”

While he can’t at that time welcome her back home, he appreciates the apologies.

Mike is then asked by a producer, “Would you let her come back?” Mike simply shakes his head no and shrugs. He really isn’t sure what to do about Natalie and his marriage, as evidenced by his befuddled response.

Despite the fact that the season finale finished there, we looked around on Instagram. Natalie is still following Mike even though neither celebrity has shared photos of the other. Mike does not, however, follow her on Instagram. In light of that, make your own inferences as we wait for the three-part Tell-All reunion.