Aaron Donald still weighing retirement He would be at peace in a world without football

Aaron Donald has been the most effective defence player to play in the NFL throughout his career. He’s done every goal a player could wish to achieve in the span of eight years of playing: receiving three Defensive Players of the Year awards, and being recognized as an All-Pro seven times consecutively, winning the Super Bowl and leading the NFL in sacks twice.

These achievements are precisely why Donald is content to retire in “only” eight seasons and still in the midst performance of his profession. Following his victory in Super Bowl LVI, Donald completed the last section of his resume. He’s an upcoming first-ballot Hall of Inductee.

The Rams in a difficult position due to the fact that Donald would like to sign to sign a new contract and if he’s not able to get the amount he’s due then he’ll quit the game to spend time with family.

“It isn’t all about the money. It’s business at the time,” Donald said on the “I Am Athlete” podcast. “That’s the message you’ll observe. It’s for me about winning. I don’t think I’d want to be a football player if I’m not able to win. Therefore, I believe that If I had the chance to win a Super Bowl, then it makes sense to take part. It’s an industry. It’s up to us to manage the business aspect of things and if that’s not to be handled, then you know, it’s the way it is’ kind of scenario. I’ll be fine irrespective.”

Donald stated that he did not have to suddenly raise retirement plans at the date that it was the Super Bowl when Rodney Harrison declared to all the media that Donald could retire should the Rams take home the trophy. He entered the NFL with the expectation of playing eight years before he was done. He’s been through eight years and now is contemplating keeping his plan in place by taking a break from the game.

“But me talking about retirement, that was happening way before we won a Super Bowl,” he added. “I’ve been saying this since I joined the leaguethat I would go through eight years of football before I was done. It’s the way I’ve always been. The news just came out and everyone thought”Oh, he said when he wins the Super Bowl, he’s going to retire. But I’m not. had coaches, teammates and my family members aware of this. I told them that I’m going to play for eight years, and probably retire from football. However, when you win the Super Bowl you get kind of addicted to it. I’d like to feel the same way again. I’m not lying. The experience was unlike other. If I were to play, it’s only to be able to win an additional Super Bowl, but at the end of the day, it’s an industry and it began to be logical for both my parents and me.”

Donald is the most competitive player in the NFL and is determined to be the winner of the next Super Bowl. However, Donald isn’t require to be a winner again, and just as Donald does not have to be a football player in order to be content.

“I’m happy. I’m fine. It’s just that I don’t have to play football in order to be okay. I’m good,” he said. “I am blessed to have played this game, and to earn the money I’ve earned and the achievements I’ve made in the span of eight years is as if I’m finished. If I be able to win another game it’s awesome. If not I’m content.”

The bright side is that Donald believes that the contract issue is likely being resolved and that’s a signal that he’ll probably return to the field by 2022. As of the moment, it appears that there’s no way for him to be able to keep playing under his current contract which is set to pay him $14.25 million in the coming season.

“It’s likely to be worked out, but if it doesn’t happen to happen, I’m not going be angry with the organization. It’s fine. It’s cool.” he said.

The Rams are in serious problems in the event that Donald isn’t back, leaving an unfinished gap in the defensive line. That’s the reason they need to come up with a plan to extend his contract that will allow him to continue throwing down quarterbacks and taking out running backs.