According to John Boyega, “I enjoy my women Black.”

“There needs to be thickness. There must be style. The same jokes must be laughed at, according to Boyega.

John Boyega, a British actor, visited “The Breakfast Club” to talk about his upcoming roles. The 30-year-old talked with the hosts about his dating tastes while promoting new movies including The Woman King and Breaking.

Boyega was questioned about his experience as a person of color in the Star Wars universe before the topic of what kind of women attracts him came up. He revealed in a SiriusXM radio interview last month that he will not be joining the franchise again due to the racial criticism the movie generated.

Halle Bailey’s present issue with Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid and his experience with that movie were contrasted by the show’s host, Angela Yee. “I just left her a comment on Facebook. I’m really pleased with her. I left a message for her. He exclaimed, “I’m extremely proud of what I saw in that trailer. Boyega continued, “I saw more and more companies join in supporting my concerns after I spoke out about the issue of Black actors receiving criticism for leading roles in films with traditionally white lead actors.”

According to John Boyega, "I enjoy my women Black."

The four then started discussing dating. Charlamagne that God mentioned throughout the chat that he had been married for 24 years. Boyega enquired as to the wife of the radio host’s race.

The Brit was reassured by Charlamagne that he is married to a Black woman. Boyega made fun of himself by saying, “I thought you were one of the ones that were going to sacrifice your loins to continue in this race. I’ve heard you speak about your Blackness before.”

Both parties appeared to concur that some Black males may seem pro-Black but date people of other races. Boyega replied, “Only once,” when Yee asked if he had ever dated a white lady. The Star Wars star was afterward asked by Charlamagne if he “could ever bring a ‘Storm Trooper’ home.” It’s just a preference, Boyega said in response. I prefer Black women.

Separate from a political remark or anything of the sort, Boyega said, “They’re just fine as hell, you know? Melanin concentrations must be greater than 75%. There must be thickness. There must be style. We must laugh together at the same jokes. We must dance to the same tune. Simply said, there must be a flow.