After Kanye West romance, Julia Fox REVEALS she’s ‘not getting as many acting offers as before’

On her podcast High Low with EmRata, Julia Fox said to Emily Ratajkowski: “I definitely noticed a difference in the acting approach, not in a nice way, after the major relationship [with Kanye West].”

Beginning in 2022, Kanye West and Julia Fox enjoyed a brief yet incredibly public relationship. Even though the ex-couple only dated for a month, there was a huge commotion about the pair on social media. Since their divorce, Julia has talked about her brief relationship with Ye multiple times, and during her recent appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast High Low with EmRata, Fox talked about how the pair’s former romance has harmed her acting career.

Julia Fox: After Kanye West Relationship, “Weird Acting Drawbacks”

Julia Fox discussed how her acting career has been hampered by her and Kanye West’s highly publicized relationship candidly with Emily Ratajkowski, who herself filed for divorce from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September “I unmistakably observed a change in the acting style after the significant relationship, and it wasn’t positive. Strangely, I’m not receiving as many offers as I formerly did. Reaching that level of fame has come with many peculiar consequences.”

Kanye West

As a result of the pair’s frequent media attention—both during their relationship and even after it ended—Julia Fox acknowledged that some professionals in the field may view her as a “liability” and “tabloid sort of person.” The Uncut Gems star, nevertheless, is not letting the opinions of others derail her aspirations: “I’m so busy that it’s okay. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, which is why I’m not overly concerned. I couldn’t give a damn. I just need to believe in the procedure.”

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How Did Kanye West and Julia Fox Meet and Fall in Love?

For the uninitiated, Kanye West and Julia Fox were first spotted together in Miami on New Year’s Eve of last year.

A week later, the 32-year-old actress and the 45-year-old rapper publicly declared their relationship in an elaborate spread on Interview that featured a PDA-heavy photoshoot and an honest essay. Julia gushed about how she and Kanye “instantly connected,” calling their first date “every girl’s fantasy come true.” It’s interesting to note that their passionate relationship started ten months after Kim Kardashian requested a divorce from Kanye West in February 2021. Fox and Kanye West quickly called it quits in February 2022 after attending Paris Fashion Week and celebrating Julia’s birthday on February 2.