After losing a wager, Vernon Kay had a large tattoo of a US athlete on his back.

Vernon, the host of This Morning, startled viewers with the tattoo.

After losing a bet, Vernon Kay surprised his audience by revealing a large tattoo of a US sports star’s face on his back. A keen fan of American football, This Morning host and BBC Radio 2 DJ Vernon had a tattoo of former National Football League star Eli Manning on his back.

The broadcaster from Bolton, who is wed to Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly, had fans and retired New York Giants quarterback Eli doubt if it was real when he revealed the tattoo to Eli while appearing on The Eli Manning Show shot in London.

Vernon clarified that he got the tattoo as payback for losing a wager in 2012 on who would win the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. “My best friend predicted your victory while I predicted the Patriots’ victory. Clearly, you guys prevailed “Vernon, 48, stated.

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How did that work out for you, Eli, age 41? Vernon then rose from his chair. He said, “I’ll show you how it worked out,” after taking off his top. When Eli saw his own face, he leaped up and said, “Oh my God!” He then stroked the tattoo to make sure it was real. He was asked, “Is that real?” Vernon said, “Yeah.”

As Vernon published images and a video on his Instagram, June Sarpong, a former T4 host, posed the following question: “WTF? Is that actually true?” “Please tell me this is a joke,” Fiona noted and pleaded.

Poor Tess—she’s one looking at it, Helen O. Connor said. That’s not real, is it? gerardburns2 questioned. And broncos dan exclaimed, “Oh, my god!”


“You were portraying Tom Brady, my children’s godfather, the QB.

“Big Tom Brady fan. My best friend predicted your victory while I predicted the Patriots’ victory. Clearly, you folks prevailed.

How did that turn out for you, Eli enquired. Vernon raised his shirt to reveal the star’s face, who uttered the words “Oh my God” before feeling his face to ensure it was genuine.

Vernon participated in a special welcome celebration last week as the Rugby League World Cup trophy arrived at the Albert Halls in Bolton. He was one of many rugby players and athletes who helped his hometown welcome the World Cup.