After yet another internet user queries whether she is pregnant, Kourtney Kardashian responds

But I can see how there might have been some misunderstanding.

Since Kourtney Kardashian revealed that she was attempting to conceive a child with Travis Barker, all eyes have been on her (and her stomach).

After taking their friendship to a new level, the newlyweds began making attempts to grow their families rather rapidly. They provided a good amount of insight about their journey on The Kardashians (available with a Hulu subscription). The reality star, however, doesn’t think that sharing those details of her life with viewers automatically gives people the right to criticize the way she looks, and she responded to a follower who asked whether she was expecting a child on Instagram.

In a series of behind-the-scenes images from a photo shoot for her new lifestyle brand Lemme, the eldest Kardashian sibling—who is now officially known as Kourtney Kardashian Barker—poses in front of a mirror while donning a revealing strapless bra and matching panties. Fans focused on the fourth image because Kourtney placed her hand on her stomach. One viewer wondered, “Wait a minute; did I miss that she’s pregnant?” That rumor didn’t sit well with the Poosh designer, who responded by saying:

Kourtney Kardashian’s 43-year-old body, which is probably unedited, was clearly appreciated by her fans because she truly does look beautiful. She didn’t appear amused, though, when attention once more shifted to how her belly was being scrutinized.

To be fair, ladies frequently show signs of pregnancy in photographs by placing their palms on their stomachs. Furthermore, given that everyone is aware of her desire to have a child with Travis Barker at this point, it is not entirely illogical to speculate that this could have been a subdued pregnancy announcement. Additionally, as other commenters noted, the concern was only raised due to the location of her hand and not due to the size or shape of her body.

Mason, Penelope, and Reign are the three children Kourtney has with her ex-husband Scott Disick; her husband has two children—Landon and Alabama—with his ex-wife Shanna Moakler as well as a stepdaughter named Atiana De La Hoya.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) was used by newlyweds to try to conceive, but Kourtney recently announced in an interview with WSJ Magazine that she is not going through with the procedure.

“We began a route toward IVF, but I stopped. A lot of it. I took a hiatus to concentrate only on getting married and having our wedding,” she stated.

After yet another internet user queries whether she is pregnant, Kourtney Kardashian responds

Maybe the takeaway from this is to simply never inquire about someone’s pregnancy. It’s reasonable to expect that if a lady wants other people to know anything, she will make it known upfront, especially given this ever-expanding reality TV family.

I believe that everyone can agree that Kourtney Kardashian looks amazing. Khloé Kardashian couldn’t resist gushing about her sister in a blog post, saying:

Certainly, that uses the word “baby” in a metaphorical sense and doesn’t necessarily imply anything. Khloé Kardashian even made another remark after that one, and I believe she is speaking for all of us when she says this:

In The Kardashians Season 1, Kravis was seen undergoing IVF (as well as other procedures) in an effort to create a child. However, when those efforts failed to produce the desired results, the pair took a hiatus to concentrate on their wedding. Their trek to the altar is what we’ll get to watch next, based on the Season 2 trailer, and I’m interested to see how much we learn from each of the couple’s three wedding rituals. Allow yourself to luxuriate in the glory of what is “a woman’s body” as we wait for the movie to premiere.

On September 22, The Kardashians Season 2 is scheduled to debut on Hulu. View our 2022 TV Schedule to stay informed about all the premieres this autumn.