“AGT”: The Best Acts from the Second Night of Qualifiers Include Drum Lines, Fantasy Singers, and Young Dancers!

The live qualification rounds of the current season of America’s Got Talent began last night, and this week’s performances are even bigger and wilder than last week’s.

At the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, more acts—all of them were the best of the best from the protracted auditions—returned to perform for the judges once more, raising the bar for each performance’s production value and vigor.


Some of the night’s hopefuls brought their A-game in an effort to impress the judges and, more crucially, the viewers at home who would be voting on who moves on to the next stage of the competition. The pressure to deliver in a major way was much greater than it had been their first time on stage. Only two may proceed!

Here’s a look at the artists that stepped out from the crowd on Tuesday with genuinely stunning performances, from musical impressionists to fairy singers to young dancing crews.