As the season approaches the College Football Playoff, there are a number of significant games happening in college football. One of those crucial contests will take place in Baton Rouge against No. 6 Alabama and No. 10 LSU.

Olivia Dunne, a gymnast at LSU and a popular user on social media, made it obvious on Friday who she was pulling for. She posted a video on social media with the phrase “happy Bama hate week,” wondering if she looked nice.

Like most of her videos, the Bama hate week video attracted a lot of attention. More than 1.6 million people have watched it in less than 24 hours.

Along with the views, there are hundreds of thousands of likes and a few thousand comments.

People pay attention when Olivia speaks. She, therefore, had to be aware that when a commenter asked her to suggest an NFL player for them to make a video on, people would pay attention.

She was aware, yet she still said, “Joe Burrow, the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, is referred to as “Mr. Burrow.”

Joe Burrow hints are still coming from Olivia Dunne.

Naturally, after Olivia’s remark, there was a lot of speculation in the comments area. Many others speculated that the two might be somewhat closer than just pals.


She was nicknamed “Livvy Burrow” by one of the more polite comments, while another added, “I knew you had a thing for him.”

There is a pattern here that has been seen by others besides just the commenters. Our very own Joe Kinsey has meticulously documented the possibility of a jersey-chasing incident developing here.

Is Olivia Jersey pursuing or playing a joke on this? Either outcome is possible. She is undoubtedly prepared for the crucial game that might sink Alabama’s playoff dreams.