Amber Alert: Female suspect and missing 3-year-old kid last spotted in Vancouver

Jenny Chanthabouala is a suspect in Phaivanh Correia-disappearance. Chanthabouala’s

A missing three-year-old kid who was last seen at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver has received an Amber Alert.

According to a Vancouver police emergency warning sent to cellular networks just after 11:20 p.m. Monday, Phaivanh Correia-Chanthabouala is described as being two feet tall with black hair and as wearing a grey zip-up with blue jeans and red sneakers (Sept. 19).

Jenny Chanthabouala, the suspect, is described as an Asian woman with long, black dreadlocks. She may be sporting a black jacket, a black toque, glasses, grey sweatpants, brown Ugg boots, and a messenger bag with red, yellow, and turquoise stripes. On her right arm, she also has a tattoo sleeve.

Photos, information on the boy’s disappearance’s duration, and details about Jenny and Phaivanh’s relationship have not yet been made public by the investigators.

Amber Alert: Female suspect and missing 3-year-old kid last spotted in Vancouver
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Castro is characterized as being 5′ 9″ tall, weighing 132 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

He was last spotted in black shorts and a white T-shirt.

According to the Amber Alert, Castro drove away from the shooting site in a 2016 silver Kia Soul with the Ohio license plate HLD 9706.

Anyone who sees the culprit or the child is asked by police to stay away from them and dial 911 instead.

A woman identified as Chanthabouala who goes by the name “Wiloh A. Skyspeaks” and who appeared to post the GoFundMe campaign four days ago claims that her son became ill and was taken to Surrey Memorial Hospital after having a seizure, where he was then placed under what she described as “mandatory observation and treatment” out of concern for possible meningitis.