Before their kissing moment with Julia Roberts, George Clooney makes fun of the presence of kids on site.

The most “ridiculous” aspect of the making of George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ newest romantic comedy, “Ticket to Paradise,” was disclosed.

The cast of “Ticket to Paradise” discussed the “ridiculous” aspect of filming the movie.

With reference to the two people’s friendship that has lasted for more than 20 years, TODAY co-anchor Hoda Kotb questioned Clooney and Roberts about if it was awkward to kiss “your beloved, dear buddy.”

With a smile, Clooney responded, “It’s when my wife and kids come over to visit.”

Roberts continued, “I mean, it was the first day they came to visit. “‘Papa, oh, Auntie Juju,’ it sounds like. “Get ’em out, get ’em out!” is how it feels.”

It’s terrible, continued Clooney. “Papa, what are you doing?” Whoa, what’s that?”

Later, the couple admitted that Clooney’s children weren’t present when the kissing sequence was being filmed. They weren’t there, Clooney laughed, “No, they weren’t there.

A divorced couple is followed in “Ticket to Paradise” as they journey to Bali in an effort to prevent their daughter from getting married to a new man she recently met. Since 2001’s “Ocean Eleven,” Roberts and Clooney have appeared in six movies together, and their connection is palpable both on and off the screen.

When Kotb questioned whether they laughed while they were kissing, Roberts acknowledged that it was entertaining to shoot.

It’s somewhat absurd, Roberts said. “Kissing your best buddy is like that,”

Well, thank you for that, Clooney said. “You know I’ve won ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ twice?”

Roberts laughed, “Wait,” he said. You say, “Wait, my best friend is George Clooney,” at that point.

Clooney and Roberts were similarly transparent about their later-in-life parenthood. Ella and Alexander, twins who are five years old, are the children of Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney, while Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry are the children of Roberts and her husband, Daniel Moder.


The truth is that their children have chosen us at this moment to be their stewards and shepherds in this life experience, regardless of how old we are — George being the eldest among us, Roberts remarked. “When I was prepared, I met Danny. When you were prepared, you met Amal. When we are ready to work best with them, we then invite these kids into our life.”

Hoda enquired as to whether the two would collaborate on another movie in the future.

“No way. It will not take place. I’ve realized my mistake “Clooney said while giggling.

Meanwhile, he has included me in his contract, according to Roberts. He is dependent on my presence on TV.

Clooney jokingly remarked, “She’s also the best available, you know, truly.”

Clooney exclaimed, “I’m such a what?” in response to Roberts’ vulgarity. It’s the morning show here!