Chloe Grace Moretz Continues to Have Issues With the”Family Guy” Meme Making Fun of Her Body

Chloe Grace Moretz talked about a cruel “Family Guy” meme that she claims still has an impact on her.

Chlo Grace Moretz is only 25 years old but has been one of the most popular and successful actors in the industry for many years. Moretz started her acting career in 2004 and rose to fame in 2009 for her role in the romantic comedy 500 Days of Summer.

In an interview with Hunger magazine, Chloe Moretz revealed that she had an unexpected meme at the time and explained why that ‘Family Guy‘ meme was so heartful to her. Moretz stated emphatically that “my body is being shown to people as a joke, and this is something that can never be changed.” She continues.

Moretz recognized that celebrity can come quickly, and with it, the enduring darkness. She goes on to remark, “I believe everything has changed since then.” She always sees performing as a form of rehabilitation.

Explained The Family Guy Meme In detail

Chloe Moretz is referring to the Family Guy meme Legs Go All the Way Up Griffin is featured in, who is the great-aunt of Peter Griffin.

As the name suggests, Peter’s aunt has longer legs than normal people. She is known in the drama as a “demon lady” apart from other characters.

The character was favorably liked by the audience, and it soon had become a viral meme that was extensively shared with friends and followers on social media.

Moretz does not appreciate her body being used as a joke.

Chlo Moretz shares how dirty a meme made about her body, she was deeply saddened to see herself in a meme like this. She is shown in a picture eating pizza and going to a hotel.

In the show “Family Guy”, the photo was transformed into a joke when the writers recreated Moretz with exaggerated proportions, namely shorter torsos, and longer legs. “Family Guy”‘s ubiquitous spread complicated Moretz’s situation, as she felt uncomfortable about the jokes directed at her body.

 Chloe Grace Moretz Continues to Have Issues With the"Family Guy" Meme Making Fun of Her Body

“My body is being used as a joke, and that’s something I cannot change, and it’s being broadcast all over Instagram,” Moretz recalled thinking as she sat there. similar to walking throughout the hotel.

Moretz’s anxieties were heightened by the fact that no one else seemed to see the film in the same light as he did. it’s amusing. Moretz came to the conclusion that it was difficult for her to put the matter behind her. via meme. She finally went to counseling to assist her work through these emotions.


Chloe realized that her face had been changed many years before to resemble the Family Guy character. Chloe’s image became one of her donning pizza boxes.

I simply remember sitting there and thinking, my body is being exploited as a comedy story, and it’s something I can’t extrapolate about who I am, and it’s far being put on Instagram.

It changed into something as innocuous as walking right into a motel with leftovers. And even now, whenever I see that meme, it’s difficult for me to overcome.”