Drake is hailed by Kanye West as the “greatest rapper ever.”

Kanye West claims that Drake is the best rapper of all time during an appearance on “Drink Champs.”

In a trailer for his upcoming appearance on Drink Champs, Kanye West declares Drake to be the “best rapper ever.” N.O.R.E. shared the video on Twitter on Saturday night, saying he’ll “control the internet” for the remainder of the weekend.

In the interview, West claims that Drake is the best rapper ever.

N.O.R.E then questions Ye about a recent social media post he made about Drake and Kris Jenner.

Yes, that was challenging. You are aware of what that signifies, Kanye said. Corey [Gamble] is aware of its significance.

kanye west was recently dropped as a guest for Maverick Carter and LeBron James’ The Shop: Uninterrupted, which led to his interview with Drink Champs. Carter provided an explanation for the choice, claiming that West used “hate words” in the postponed interview.

The only information on the post was the enigmatic description, “Bernard Arnault weak,” and that was it.

Since Jenner visited Drake’s album release party in 2013 and the two appeared in a photo together, rumors of a possible romance have abounded regarding Drake and Kris Jenner.

At the time, Drake denied the rumors, saying, “I’m just a friend.” “I truly like Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner both a lot. Everyone is incredibly friendly. That Khloé [Kardashian] lady is great. And Kris Jenner, the queen of it all, is undoubtedly my favorite.


She is in charge. I was trying to get her to come through, but she’s actually in town tonight. You never know, she might slip in and play a little FIFA.

Carter added in a statement that “unfortunately, he exploited The Shop to rehash additional hate speech and highly harmful stereotypes.” “We have decided not to run this episode or any of Kanye’s comments,” the statement read.

After sharing antisemitic content on Instagram, West’s account was also blocked.

Watch for Ye’s full appearance this weekend on Drink Champs. In 2021, West had previously been on the program.