Famous Artist Kim Jung Gi Dies at the Age of 47

At the age of 47, renowned visual artist and Guinness World Record holder Kim Jung Gi falls dead from a heart attack.

Kim Jung Gi, a well-known artist, passed away on October 4 at the age of 47.

According to the creator’s official social media, Jung Gi was traveling from Paris, France, to New York Comic-Con by plane when he suddenly started to feel really bad chest pains. He was transported to a local hospital, had surgery, but was subsequently declared dead. “You can now put down your brushes after doing so much for us. Thank you, Jung Gi,” the official statement states. Email messages of gratitude from admirers of Jung Gi’s work can be sent to his family.

Jung Gi is most renowned for his expansive, razor-sharp works that feature incredibly realistic sceneries, landscapes, and characters. His six original sketchbooks, the first of which was launched in 2007 and the last in 2017, contain some of his best-known works. The popular graphic novels and comic comics Tiger the Long Tail, Paradis, Third Humanity, and SpyGames were all contributed to by Jung Gi. Additionally, he frequently worked with Marvel and DC Comics. In addition to his extensive, detailed friezes, Jung Gi is well known for his videos documenting their development. One of these videos helped him set the Guinness World Record for “longest drawing by an individual.”

According to the artist’s official website, “Kim’s most remarkable creative asset is his memory, which he has acquired over a lot of years.” “He has pushed the frontiers of what many artists thought was possible with his ability to render enormously complex scenes nearly precisely from memory, without the need of references.”

What caused the passing of Kim Jung Gi?

Hyun Jin Kim, a frequent associate of Kim Jung Gi, posted that Jung Gi had passed away on his social media sites on October 5, 2022. The statement said, “It is with great grief and a heavy heart that we inform you of the unexpected demise of Kim Jung Gi.”The statement went on to say, “After completing his final schedule in Europe, Jung Gi left for the airport to catch a flight to New York, where he sadly died suddenly after experiencing chest problems and was rushed to a neighboring hospital for surgery. You can now put down your brushes after doing so much for us. Jung Gi, thank you.”

Famous Artist Kim Jung Gi Dies at the Age of 47

The artist was leaving a gallery exhibition of his work in Paris in order to catch a flight to New York, where he would be exhibiting at Artist’s Alley during New York Comic-Con. All of the social media posts included a brief postscript with the information that supporters might send their condolences to the family at 1975-2022@kimjunggi.net.

In light of the artist’s demise, the Daniel Maghen Gallery in Paris, where Jung Gi’s work is presently on display, penned its own moving statement. “We are deeply saddened to inform you that Kim Jung Gi passed away on Monday night in Paris. At the age of 47, the South Korean artist passed away from a heart attack.

Their note goes on to say, “Daniel Maghen, the entire museum staff, and Olivier SouillĂ© in particular, who had traveled with him for 10 years, are deeply saddened by his passing. All of our thoughts are focused on his wife and two children, as well as his colleagues and partners Jean-Christophe Caurette, Kim Hyun Jin, and Boin Lee. We also think about his admirers, for whom his disappearance will leave a significant vacuum.”

The gallery also stated that Jung Gi’s artwork would be on exhibit until October 8 at the family’s request.

Social media users have reacted to Jung Gi’s passing by expressing their love, support, and admiration for his work. Kim Jung Gi leaves behind his wife and two kids.