Fans of the show are still confused by one of Yellowstone’s most confusing scenes.

One of the most popular television programs is called Yellowstone, and modern Western great Taylor Sheridan produced it.

The Kevin Costner-starring program, which made its debut in 2018, is still going strong. The program has created its fair share of heartbreaking moments over the past four years that have left its viewers speechless.

There is significant discussion about which scene from Yellowstone left the biggest impression among all the twists and turns that fans have experienced. We’ve done the research and identified which of the show’s most perplexing scenes is the most confusing of the bunch to save you time.

Vulnerable to envy

The time in season four when Monica Dutton questioned Kayce’s loyalty was one that generated a lot of controversies. It all began when Kayce abandoned Avery, a former horse wrangler because she was utterly in love with him. Then, when Avery tried to approach him, Dutton remained obedient and turned her down. Kayce had never before indicated any desire to cheat on his wife, so Monica’s claims appeared unwarranted. Except for his sister and wife, Kayce hardly ever interacted with women.


Surprisingly, Monica was the one who had indulged in extramarital relations. As she recovered from a significant injury in season two, Monica closely collaborated with her physical therapist, Martin. The two engaged in a brief romantic liaison while she attempted to recover from her injuries. During their interactions, nothing was off the table beside practically hooking up. All of this happened while Monica and Martin were still together, but talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The Unsavory Aspect of Things

Typically, men are the ones who become outraged over stories like these, much to the disapproval of their female counterparts. The show brought us to the same conclusion in this instance even though the roles were reversed. As they put Monica’s statements together, the audience was left attempting to explain the situation. She seemed overly perceptive to the point of paranoia, and some even questioned her inner motivations.

Had she committed an error that she was attempting to hide? Did her possessive instincts drive any underlying motives on her part? It didn’t matter; her hypocrisy was on full display, leaving viewers with a terrible aftertaste.