Francesco Totti divorces his wife due to adultery

Midway through July 2022, Francesco Totti announced in a statement that he had split from his ex-wife. Rumors of both parties’ alleged adultery swirled around the news.

At the time, Totti was reluctant to discuss the choice they had taken with his then-wife in detail.

The legend of Rome recently determined that it was time to investigate what took place.

“I wasn’t the first to betray, which is untrue. I refused to talk when I said I wouldn’t, but I’ve been reading too many lies lately. Some have even put my kids through the pain “During an interview with a member of the foreign media, the former soccer player made the statement.

Totti added that their connection had erupted between March and April 2021 when she was making that statement.

I had endured a lot of pain. I went through a challenging time when I initially stopped playing and then my father passed away from cancer. I too had a 15-day period of intense COVID. My wife, however, was not there when she most needed her, she said.

Francesco then acknowledged his involvement in the problem. “A couple splits in two when they divorce: 50 and 50. I ought to have spent more time with her.”

Narrative of how he learned of his wife’s adultery
The ex-player revealed how he discovered his wife’s adultery in the middle of the interview.

Totti claims that in September 2021, reliable sources informed the footballer that Ilary was seeing someone else. Why did he check his wife’s phone?

I took a glance at his mobile phone. She had never done it with me or in the past twenty years. And I discovered that Ilary was being connected to someone else by a third party. Totti revealed that she would reply something like, “See you at the hotel; no, it is more prudent on my part.

Francesco Totti divorces his wife due to adultery
The Totti family – baby Isabel, proud papa Francesco, Chanel, Ilary, and Cristian.

In the past, there have been rumors. on both her and me. However, they were merely rumors. Instead, this was the proof. the details. The result was depression.
The legendary soccer player claims that Noem Bocchi was instrumental in his recovery.

“Naomi is to credit for my escape. As buddies, we used to hang around. Then, following the New Year, it gained notoriety.

Ilary began dating other guys before he began his relationship with Noem, according to Francesco.

Before my story with Noem began, Ilary dated other men. I’m worried Ilary will make it to court,” she said.