Heidi Klum sees ‘a light around’ her Golden Buzzer choice Lily Meola on ‘America’s Got Talent

Lily Meola Delivered a Golden Buzzer-Worthy Performance of Her Song “Daydream” on ‘AGT’


On June 28th, the auditions for Night 5 of “America’s Got Talent Season 17” concluded

A new line-up of auditions for performers competing in this year’s $1,000,000 prizes.

Terry Crews, the host of the show, was back at the theater with Simon Cowell and the series judges.

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum followed the Golden Buzzer’s offer to Avery Dixon, a saxophonist, on Night 1.

Simon and Howie also brought two more performances into their lives, after they gave Sara James and Maddie their Golden Buzzers on Night 2 & Night 3.

Sofia was hypnotized last weekend by Mayas, an all-female Lebanese dance troupe.

Heidi was the latest Golden Buzzer. She felt a “glow surrounding” singer Lily Meola and was moved by the sensation.

Before performing “Daydream”, Lily explained to the jury that the lyrics had “evolved over the past few years.” “

Lily told her judges that the meaning of her lyrics had “evolved over time.” “

What did you think of Lily? Do you believe they could win a million dollars?