In retaliation, Kanye West labels Gigi Hadid a “privileged Karen” and a “zombie.”

Wednesday night saw Kanye West continue his most recent Instagram posting binge. He ended one lengthy message by tossing a stray at John Legend and admonishing Justin Bieber to “grab your girl before I get crazy.”

The mention of Hailey Bieber comes after the pop star’s 25-year-old spouse, in response to West’s criticism of Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, treated the Vogue global fashion editor at large with kindness. Dear appreciation for you goes deep, my buddy, Bieber remarked on her Instagram Stories. To work with you is an honour, and to know you is to love you. the most charming, gifted, entertaining, amusing, and stylish.

Hailey Bieber joins Gigi Hadid in defending Gabriella Karefa-Johnson after Kanye West criticism, according to a headline released by Ye. He sarcastically questioned, “Wait have I canceled again???” in his caps-lock caption. Please let me know, Justin.

The supermodel, 25, and the rapper, 45, got into a verbal altercation this week when she defended Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, a contributing editor to Vogue who West was accused of ‘bullying’ online.

“You had a silver spoon in your mouth from birth.” A zombie, that’s you. You raise your voice here, but you didn’t raise your voice when my child was abducted on her birthday. [sic]’

West has claimed time and time again that his estranged wife Kim Kardashian “kidnapped” his daughter Chicago in January of this year when she hosted the child a private birthday party and wouldn’t tell him where it was.

The co-parent to North, 9, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3, North Kardashian has refuted this assertion.

A few hours later, Kanye posted, “I want to just let people know there was also some fashion this week also,” amid a flurry of tweets defending his “White Lives Matter” t-shirt and its purported “paradigm shifting.” There was a significant event called Fashion Week that really lasted for a month and featured the display of some incredibly well-made, extravagantly expensive clothing. It wasn’t only about my t-shirt about paradigm shifts.

Kanye West Gigi Hadid

“I’m joking. The former 8-year-old who was once 38 years old said, “My tee pooped on everyone’s shows.” He now possessed 45 years of wisdom and maturity. “Nothing occurred besides my T-shirt. To the Arnault’s who hired anyone who worked for me, please keep in mind that my one T-shirt garnered all the attention. You’re all fucking programmed sheep, that’s why. And those boots that Gab was sporting were fucking terrible.

The final nail in the coffin was when he alluded to one of his fellow musicians: “But I’m sure John Legend still wants a pair. Justin, grab your girl before I lose it.

After calling Gigi Hadid, 27, “a bully and a joke,” West promptly enlisted Bella Hadid, 25, with a post that showed the former getting a headline-grabbing spray-on garment done with a meme-y “White Lives Matter” over it. Oh, and I did a T-shirt dress toooooo good artist borrows wonderful artist steal I’m the Louvre, he added to that one.