It’s Friday the 13th! Do You Think These Things Bring Bad Luck?

It’s Friday, the 13th of November and it’s the only one this year. The next one will not be till January.

Do you think that this matters or is an ordinary day?

A recent poll has found that one-in-five people believe that luck is not good for them.

What other things do you have a fear of?

1. Walking under a ladder? 21percent of people believe it brings bad luck.

2. Are you stepping on the crack? 12%.

3. Broken mirrors? 21% of people think it’s luckless.

4. Black cats? 15%.

5. Do you see an Owl? 10% of people believe it’s a sign of something terrible could occur.

6. An umbrella being hung inside? 19% of people think it’s not a good idea.

7. The 6-6-6 number? 21% believe in superstition about it.

8. Are you on the 13th floor of an apartment? It’s not surprising that 13% of people think it’s a bad luck.

9. Walking through a cemetery and not keeping your eyes open? 8 percent believe it can bring bad luck. The same is true for 6% who say the same thing about tunnels.

10. White lighters? 8 percent think they’re luckier. (There’s an old legend of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin as well as Kurt Cobain had white lighters at their disposal when they passed away. )

It also inquired for things that can bring luck. Here are ten things that bring luck. that we’re all in awe of . . .

1. Do you knock on wood? 26% of people believe it prevents negative incidents from occurring.

2. Sprinkle salt on your shoulder? 15%.

3. A head-up penny? 22%.

4. Singing “bless you” when someone has a sneeze? 27%.

5. Crossing your fingers? 20%.

6. Ladybugs? 17%.

7. Are you seeing an erupting star? 28% believe it’s luck or you can make a hope for it.

8. Finding a four-leaf clover? 24%. A further 26% believe that having a rainbow is luck.

9. Wishing at 11:11? 13%.

10. Do you make a wish by blowing candles out? 28% of people believe birthday wishes are real.

Here are some additional suggestions: Getting the biggest part of a wishbone 18percent . . . Horseshoes hanging with hanging horseshoes . . . blowing dice, 14percent . . . And 17% believe “beginner’s luck” is a real thing.

The poll also found that one of three Americans are blessed with an occult charm of some sort.