J.Lo and Shakira are criticized by Megyn Kelly for “Showing Their Vag” during the 2022 Super Bowl.

“Could it be that Megyn has a similar desire? maybe, “One detractor responded.

Even though the 2020 Super Bowl was over two and a half years ago, Megyn Kelly is still upset with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s halftime performance, notably their attire.

The political commentator and her guest comic Bridget Phetasy discussed women “loving their bodies” on Friday’s episode of her SiriusXM podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show.” Kelly, 51, didn’t hold back when giving her judgment on what J.Lo and Shakira wore during their Super Bowl performance.

Kelly, 51, said, “I oppose to artists like J.Lo and Shakira displaying their vag during the Super Bowl. I don’t want that, like.

It must be appropriate for the circumstance, she continued. However, I have no real issues with women simply accepting or flaunting their bodies as in the images you see.

Paulina Porizkova, a supermodel who recently shared a photo of herself in a swimming suit on social media with the camera coming from behind and displaying the 57-year-posterior olds in a thong bikini, was subsequently praised by Kelly.

Regarding Porizkova’s post, which is below, Kelly commented, “Paulina Porizkova just had a really intriguing post.” She exposed her bottom, and she looks incredible.

Many people on Twitter took issue with the former “Megyn Kelly Today” host’s remarks about J.Lo and Shakira, labeling her “a loser and a hater” and accusing her of having “double standards.”

Another user commented, “Hater and loser @megynkelly attacks @Jlo, @Shakira foreshowing vag’ during Super Bowl,” while another stated, “@megynkelly loves to condemn other women.”

Another user said, “#DoubleStands on #Latina #women. #MegynKelly attacks #JenniferLopez #Shakira for showing their vag’ at #SuperBowl.

Kelly’s concern that J.Lo and Shakira’s performance was too risqué for the vast audience watching the Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020, was repeated in the remarks of several parents.

Many users criticized the performance on social media.

Not appropriate for youngsters at a Super Bowl halftime show, a user fumed. Simply J. Lo’s clothing in general.

Another reviewer remarked, “Absolutely the worst, most disgusting halftime show ever.”

One other person added, “God forbid we thought to witness football and a quick concert, but instead we were molested.”

Megyn Kelly praised Paulina Porizkova’s scantily dressed physique in her social media posts. She said that revealing the Czech-born beauty her “behind” didn’t bother her in the least.

Kelly added, “Paulina Porizkova just made a pretty intriguing post.”

J.Lo and Shakira are criticized by Megyn Kelly for "Showing Their Vag" during the 2022 Super Bowl.

She said, “She flashed her bottom [and] she looked beautiful.”

In case you missed it, Porizkova posted a picture of herself earlier this month in a thong bikini with the camera focused on her posterior.

According to reports, a 57-year-old former model is embracing aging by uploading a naked photo of herself online.

Kelly mentioned Kim Kardashian’s side project during her interview on Friday.

What I detest is unmatched vanity, she remarked, referring to the Kardashians.

Kelly stated, “She’s performing a long-term vanity job,” pulling our kids down with her. I’m not in favor of that. Together with her sisters.

Hmm. Does she recall the other female artists who sported such attire? Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, and Beyoncé?

“You should be proud of your body, @MegynKellyShow, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of others who flaunt theirs. ridiculous narrative, “Someone else spoke out. “For ten million dollars, you wouldn’t dress up for ten minutes in front of 30,000 live spectators and millions more watching on television.”