Jaylen Watson, a rookie CB, is the Chiefs’ Week 2 hero. He is resilient.

Jaylen Watson, a rookie selected in the seventh round from Washington State, stated, “I woke up knowing I was going to receive a pick, honestly.

Jaylen Watson had a hunch he would intercept a ball from Justin Herbert during the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. He didn’t know when, and he acknowledged he was still taken aback by the event.

“I simply knew that, as a seventh-round pick making my debut, I would be put to the test frequently and early. However, I had a gut feeling that I would today.

Early in the fourth quarter, Watson’s prediction came true as he ran 99 yards to the other end of the field to score the game-winning touchdown that gave Kansas City a 27-24 comeback victory by stepping in front of tight end Gerald Everett at the goal line.

Jaylen Watson has been moving in the right direction ever since he arrived, according to safety Justin Reid. He has kept getting better. His self-assurance keeps increasing. We had faith in him to enter the field and make a play, which he did.

Reid claimed that the Chiefs were employing Cover Zero. He was collaborating with Watson outside in zone coverage.

Everett swiftly slipped to the flat, then he made a move upfield before settling into a space at the goal line.
Justin Watson Reid recalled that when Herbert attempted to throw the ball outside to the tight end, Jaylen slipped under it, carried it 50 yards, turned around on Herbert, and at that point, nobody was going to be able to catch him.

Between intercepting Herbert’s throw and the opposite end zone, Watson’s memory temporarily vanished, but he was still aware of the one rule that every NFL defensive back upholds.

You can never be tackled by the quarterback, according to our rule as defensive backs, Watson stated.

Given that the defense had to immediately return to the field, Watson claimed he was too overwhelmed to enjoy the situation.

Juan Thornhill, a safety, said, “I was happy for him, but I didn’t want to talk about the play anymore. He had just completed a pick-six, but we needed to continue playing football. When we win, I informed him, we’d celebrate the play after the game.

On Monday morning, Watson learned that he would start due to the injury of fellow rookie Trent McDuffie. A first-round draught pick in April, McDuffie was injured at Arizona and placed on injured reserve earlier this week.

I’m just incredibly grateful and blessed that the Chiefs even took a shot on me every time I foot onto the field, said, Watson.

There were some imperfections.

Mike Williams, who finished with eight catches for 113 yards, including three catches for 28 yards against Watson, beat Watson for a touchdown early in the second half.

However, the Augusta, Georgia, native overcame more obstacles to join the NFL.

Jaylen Watson intended to play at USC after beginning his undergraduate career at Ventura College, a two-year institution in central California. However, he claimed that not enough credits would transfer, therefore he ended up skipping the 2019 season.

He worked alongside his mother at Wendy’s in Georgia for a portion of the year before moving on to Pullman, Washington, where he revived his collegiate football career.

Jaylen Watson declared, “I’m a really resilient guy. “I’ve always earned everything I’ve had; I’ve never gotten anything handed to me. I believe that provided me an advantage on the football field as well, so I just want to carry that advantage, and show some desire and rage towards our opponent.

Jaylen Watson, a rookie CB, is the Chiefs' Week 2 hero. He is resilient.
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Jaylen Watson’s tenacity on the practice field has caught the attention of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

He’s confident, to start with, Mahomes added. That’s important when you’re in a corner because you sometimes get beat and have to get back up.

The seasoned secondary players for Kansas City have also taken notice of Watson.

Justin Reid described him as “extremely technical.” He practices his trade every day. He’s a tough cornerback who gets after opponents, has good feet and eyes, and is eager to learn and develop.

This weekend will be even better for Watson. On the same day that Mahomes celebrates his 27th birthday, he turns 24 on Saturday.

Jaylen Watson’s birthday is on September 17, so it fits his schedule as well, according to Mahomes, who shares Watson’s birthdate. Because I’m throwing a small birthday celebration on Saturday, I announced that it was also his birthday because of the manner he played.