Kate Moss denies having suffered the wrath of Johnny Depp: Amber Heard has lost strength

Kate Moss, former partner of Johnny Depp, was called to testify due to the fact that Amber Heard mentioned that there instances of conflict between the two while they were in a relationship, back in 1994.

The most anticipated evidence during the trials of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was heard this Wednesday, first thing in the morning The model and Johnny Depp’s ex-partner Kate Moss.

When the trial began on Wednesday Benjamin Chew, the leader of the legal team for Depp has summoned Kate Moss to the stand She appeared on scene on video.

We must be aware that the reason Moss was summoned to stand trial is due to Amber Heard, who in recent times, in her statement in the trial, stated that during one of the scenes which she and Johnny Depp and Kate Moss they shared as two, it took place close to a staircase.

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“In my mind, I immediately imagined Kate Moss and the stairs” and then noted it was the same place where he hit her first. What she was talking about is that Johnny might have pushed Kate in the same way as she believed that had occurred previously. The reactions from Chew and Johnny and Chew became viral as they shook their hands like they were saying “Yes! ” which resulted in her being asked to testify. This did on Wednesday.

In London, Kate Moss, dressed in a white t-shirt stated that she was in an intimate relationship in a relationship with Johnny Depp from 1994 to 1998. The lawyer asked her if they’d spent time on vacation in the “Golden Eye Resort” in Jamaica and to which Kate acknowledged, and then went on to explain how the event was.

“I quit the room and Johnny left the room as me. I slipped on the steps and hurt my back. I screamed as I wasn’t sure what happened to me. Johnny rushed to assist me. He took me to the hospital and offered me medical assistance, “said the model.

“Did the Mr. Depp push you in any way?” Chew insists, referring back to the things Amber was pointing out.

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“Nope”. She responded, then Chew added “During your time together, did he force you down steps?”
“No I never saw him push me, kicked me, or threw me down steps.”

Chew wanted to know the reason she was at court today, but Amber’s legal team resisted the question, and so the questioning ended.