Kevin Conroy, Iconic Batman Voice Actor, Dies at 66

At the age of 66, Kevin Conroy has away.

He was an actor who voiced various versions of Batman in movies, television shows, and video games.

Variety reports that the actor went unexpectedly following “a brief fight with cancer.” Who diagnosed Conroy with cancer or when is it unknown to the general world?

Conroy voiced Batman on multiple occasions, but Batman: The Animated Series is where he is most recognized for portraying the caped crusader.

1992 to 1995 saw the initial airing of Batman: The Animated Series. Many Batman fans grew up with Conroy’s voice as the one, authentic Batman because of how much fans and critics alike praised his voice acting.

In response to the news, Mark Hamill, who provided the voice of the Joker in the series, made an emotional statement.

Kevin was perfect, claimed Hamill. He was among my top favorite individuals on earth, and I adored him unconditionally. His sincerity and decency were evident in everything he did for those around him. My mood constantly improved whenever I met or spoke with him.

According to casting and language director Andrea Romano, who had the pleasure of casting and directing Kevin, “he was a dear friend for 30+ years whose generosity and kind nature had no boundaries.” “I will always remember Kevin’s kind heart, beautifully deep laugh, and genuine love of life.”

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Kevin Conroy, who was most known for portraying Batman, dies at the age of 66. After a battle with cancer, the star of “Batman: The Animated Series” passed away.

Kevin Conroy

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The voice of Batman most recognized was Conroy. In addition to numerous other animated shows and films based on DC comics, he provided the voice of the Dark Knight in the beloved 1990s animated series.

Video games like Batman: Arkham and the Injustice series can be heard using his compositions.

In the 2019 crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths” from The CW channel, Conroy performed Bruce Wayne live on TV.

The actor played the role of a superhero in around 60 distinct animation projects throughout the course of his career, including 15 cartoons, 15 animated series, and more than 20 video games.

multiverse, a fighting game, featured Conroy’s final appearance as Batman.