Listen to Garcelle Beauvais Talk Honestly About “Pretty Privilege” With Laverne Cox

They believe that pain makes for beauty, but that isn’t always the case.

If We’re Being Honest, which premieres again on November 9, will have additional in-depth celebrity discussions with Laverne Cox. And in this sneak preview from the upcoming episode of the E! series,

Laverne and Garcelle Beauvais of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills talk about a public bias that isn’t typically discussed.

Laverne has become accustomed to this prejudice as a trans woman over the years. The Inventing Anna star says, “I certainly didn’t start off feeling gorgeous, but I always understood the power of beauty, and there’s privilege there.

Garcelle Beauvais

But as Laverne notes, being considered attractive in the public eye does not guarantee that you will always get away with it. She adds that being fortunate simply means there is one less item for you to worry about, not that your life is any simpler than anyone else’s.