Mark Appel’s eagerly-awaited MLB debut is among the highlights of the season.

Former first-overall draft selection Mark Appel makes MLB debut with the Philadelphia Phillies

In a week that was rife with devastating news and loss in the Philadelphia Phillies, Mark Appel’s long-awaited big league debut was a respite from the middle of nowhere, a single star in the night sky that was an eye in the storm.

After nearly 10 years of the highest levels – the first overall selection in the 2013 draft and also the lowest lows – getting injured, traded and affixed for assignment, stepping away and then returning, and all the while carrying the tag of the ‘biggest draft failure ever” – Appel was finally able to do what only 10 percent of minor leaguers do. He was able to make it onto the top of the list.

It was reported that the Phillies called for Appel on the weekend, while they played on vacation in San Diego, but he took the pitch until Wednesday evening in Philadelphia. His debut in Philadelphia in front of thousands of fans watching him makes the moment more memorable. the moment. (We’ll overlook the fact it was the Phillies were 4-1 down in the game and were ultimately beaten.)

In the course of time he’s gained a huge number of followers and what’s attracted fans from across the league is his viewpoint. Appel is well-known for his inspirational and motivational tweets where frequently he talks about his professional life and the faith he has.

The majority of minor leaguers won’t be able to do what Appel made Wednesday night. Many walk away or get removed from the team, and are not given the option of trying again for so long. What’s truly remarkable is the fact that all of them go to the draft knowing that the odds aren’t in their favor but they choose to go for it. There’s something beautiful and poignant in this.

The night of Wednesday, Mark Appel came full circle. We were all fortunate to be a part of the journey.