NATE DIAZ and CANELO are called out as JAKE PAUL drops and beats Anderson Silva.

On October 29, Jake Paul will face his most challenging test as a professional boxer.

Jake Paul will finally have a fight in 2022 when he takes on MMA great Anderson Silva at the end of October, capping off a tough year for him in the ring.

The battle between Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. that was originally scheduled for August was canceled because of the fighters’ different weights.

Paul is now prepared for what is maybe his hardest test. Silva lost his debut match as a professional, but he is no pushover when it comes to boxing. Silva has since won his last three games, including two knockout victories.

Before what should be an explosive bout, expect another interesting build-up between two intriguing individuals from the world of combat sports.

Here is all the information you require for Paul vs. Silva.


American: Showtime PPV British: FITE TV

Fans in the UK may stream the fight on FITE TV while it is being televised on Showtime PPV in the United States.


The fight is taking place in Glendale, Arizona, at the Desert Diamond Arena.

A Record of Life for Anderson Silva

Brazilian is a national
Birthdate: April 14, 1975
Reach: 78″ Height: 6′ 2″
Four fights total.
Results: 3-1 (2 KOs)

Jake Paul came back with his biggest victory to date.

Jake Paul Anderson Silva

On Saturday, Jake Paul battled MMA icon and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at Glendale, Arizona’s Desert Diamond Arena in his long-awaited return to the ring. Silva was anticipated to be Paul’s toughest test to date going into the match.

In offering a style the social media influencer had never seen before, Silva gave Paul the difficulty he needed. To his credit, the 25-year-old kept his composure, added some fresh maneuvers, and scored a knockdown in the eighth and final round to win by unanimous decision (78-73, 78-73, 77-74). DAZN gave Paul the victory with a score of 77-74.

“The Problem Child” didn’t start off as strong as usual. But he maintained his composure. In the latter stages of the fight, he worked, feinted, punched off the jab, pounded the body, and displayed a left hook. To Silva’s credit, “The Spider” handled the blows well anytime Paul delivered a strong right hand.

Problems were presented to Paul by the 47-year-old. He kept following Paul, located the proper place for the uppercut, and scored several combos. Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) demonstrated his progression by remaining composed, returning to the jab, and unleashing combinations that busted open Silva’s face and left him gushing blood in the final two rounds.

In the eighth and final round, Paul was on the verge of ending the show. They were engaged in a struggle in the clinch after Silva raced in and initially appeared to be the aggressor when Paul unleashed a combination, backed up, and connected with a short right to knock Silva to the ground. The Brazilian managed to get back up, but Paul had the fight well under control and was still unbeaten.


When Silva first appears, Paul is blitzed and rushed. Silva successfully lands an uppercut. Paul scores with a left. Silva throws a short right and goes down. Silva is bloody and busted up. Silva rises to his feet once more. Lead Paul to the right. Silva misses with a right. Paul makes a short right landing. Silva strikes with a right hook and then an uppercut. At the last bell, a left-right interchange. (Peter 10:8, Paul 77:74)

SILVA vs. PAUL; 7th round

Right hand to the body, then left hand to the body. Paul throws a few jabs as he begins to move more quickly. Paul delivered a right to the body and two blows. Paul gets even another painful blow. Paul lands a three-punch combo.

Silva lands a short right. For Paul, a triple blow. Paul receives a right. As Silva rushes in, he delivers a left to the body. Lead right connects for Paul. Silva delivers yet another uppercut. Silva uses a combination to get past the guard. (Paul, 10, 9, 67, 66)