On “The Voice,” a 26-year-old “Cuban Cowboy” wins a spot on Team Camila Cabello thanks to a cover by Luke Combs.

In a blind audition for NBC’s The Voice, Orlando Mendez, a 26-year-old from Miami, Florida, displayed his country vocal range and received an astounding four-chair turn.

Mendez, also known as the “Cuban Cowboy,” performed Luke Combs’ “Beer Never Broke My Heart” on stage.

Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and John Legend were all impressed by his singing prowess.

The Miami native was faced with a difficult choice, and each coach tried to persuade him to join their squad.

First up was Shelton.

I’m from Ada, Oklahoma, and my name is Blake Shelton, Orlando. I’ve won the Voice eight times, I’m a Grand Ole Opry member, and I was named CMA Entertainer of the Year, but I’m not from Miami,” he laughed.

Cabello, who is from Miami, joined in and started to joke about Shelton.

So, do you like country music? Mendez said, “Country music is my passion,” to Shelton’s question. I’ve been a fan of your music since I was a young child, although I have Cuban roots.

Stefani gushed, “Aw nice.

The singer of “No Body” continued by telling Mendez, “I’ve been doing this on this show for a long time. Some could say it’s been too long, while others might claim I’m only getting started. I’ve just ever cared about being a country musician. If you feel the same way about your direction and want to be as obstinate about it as I do, then I’m the coach for you, friend. I personally prefer being put in a box.

Cabello, a rookie coach, did her best to entice the hopeful to join Team Camila.

On "The Voice," a 26-year-old "Cuban Cowboy" wins a spot on Team Camila Cabello thanks to a cover by Luke Combs.

She said, “Orlando, I first turned around because something that I’ve really been seeking is somebody with a really special tone that I can hear on the radio.” You mentioned, “You know what, I’m Cuban, and this is the kind of music that inspires. You already know what kind of artist you want to be, so I’ll just support you along the way. Your voice today made me feel, and I would want to be your coach because I adore things that do that.

Shelton recently performed on stage with Stefani at the Grand Ole Opry, and she made an effort to persuade Shelton to join her team by pleading with him to embrace country music.

She announced, “I’m practically country now like I’ve gone country.”

“As the performance progressed, you became better and better, and when you noticed that everyone was looking your way, your star emerged, and I could simply tell that you were thrilled… Like I’m standing here in front of one of the greatest country musicians of all time, Blake Shelton,” she continued. Blake is fantastic, but let’s chat about the show and let me be your instructor outside of the genre. I could definitely help you with that and would love to be your coach because it’s stressful trying to connect with the camera and get over your worries.

I was actually on a singing competition show, and you know what? I think you should be on my team if you want to make a surprisingly cool choice, Cabello interjected.

Mendez gave Legend a chance to speak before he made his choice.

One of the things he said, “Do you want to make an unpredictable choice today you may predictably pick the very crowded country box that Blake is attempting to stuff you in,” caught his attention. You might accompany someone who is from your hometown. You might also support someone who is married to a country music icon and has had No. 1 songs in their home country, or you could go against the grain and support Team Legend.

Mendez ultimately selected Cabello to be his trainer.

Let’s do this thing, Camila, I say. Mendez bellowed.

Mendez attended the same high school as Cabello, and Cabello was delighted to have him join her group of musicians.

“I’m very happy to have Orlando. He has a talent for using this voice tone. It was incredibly wonderful to defeat Blake and win a country artist, she remarked. “I definitely feel like myself. Let’s represent and carry it out in your style.