Proenza Schouler SS23 Show: Kendall Jenner Impresses

Is it just us, or does anyone else break out in a cold sweat when they see Kendall Jenner in person?

And it exceeded every anticipation we had.

We might have even caught Anna Wintour grinning. Maybe.

Christine Quinn, Emily Ratajkowski, Karlie Kloss, and Dani Michele were among the industry insiders present.

The presentation opened with a rainstorm symbolically “flooding” the space (which was perfectly complemented by the models’ slicked-back hair). It was described as an “unabashed cacophony of spirit, of joy, of the sensuous and physical characteristics that offer pleasure to live.”

The sensuous and fiery qualities of Lazaro’s Latin roots combined with the pragmatism and grit of Jack’s American experience blend to create a narrative that is at once effervescent and urban. The lasting smile that permeates one’s soul after a memorable night, the emotional qualities of music that cut through the noise of a chaotic world, and the audacity of spirit are all represented in the story by the water as a symbol of life.

According to the press release, “Sensual tactile textures wander freely inside the season and include elastic terry tweed, glossy techno leather, molded lace, and metal hand crochet stitches. Knitwear continues to be significant as a device to hug and shape the body, occasionally exploding into frenzied fringe that exaggerates motion. Ruffles flow over the torso and from the wrists, providing volume pink unexpected places.

Proenza Schouler SS23 Show: Kendall Jenner Impresses
Proenza Schouler SS23 Show: Kendall Jenner Impresses

Similar to last season, the body’s contours are crucial, but this year they are less restricted, enabling a woman’s natural curves to sculpt the clothing herself. Distinctive Proenza Schouler codes pervade the collection and remember collections previous as well as the physical and sensual aspects that provide real joy to one’s life.

Have we mentioned that we met Kendall Jenner in person?

Yes, we haven’t moved over it yet.