Release Date ‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer

Chief David Gordon Green rudders the development of 2021’s Halloween Kills

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Laurie Strode continues to fight the masked killer Michael Myers. The first trailer for the sequel Halloween ends shows Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie in a final fight against her long-time foe.

On Tuesday night, the trailer for the horror film, which is supposedly the final film in director David Gordon Green’s contribution to the series of slasher films, arrived in surprise. Curtis teased the trailer’s arrival on Twitter and urged fans to keep watching for a “treat.”

Halloween ends in the 13th installment of the Horror series and the third from Green. It follows the 2018’s Horror chronology, which ignores every other film in the series except John Carpenter’s 1978 original.

The film will be about the dramatic ending to 2021’s Halloween kills in which Laurie teamed up with Karen (Judy Greer), and Allyson (Andi Mattichak) to defeat Michael Myers (played both by Nick Castle, and stuntman James Jude Courtney).

Curtis and Matichak are back in the role of Omar Dorsey and Kyle Richards. Michael O’Leary will also be joining the cast. Green wrote the screenplay along with Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier.

Halloween ends will be Curtis’ last appearance as Laurie Strode. The role of Laurie Strode was first played by the actress in the 1978 horror film Halloween. She has since returned to the role in many more iterations, including Halloween I and Halloween H20.

In February, she posted her final day of filming and wrote, “A bittersweet ending for me on Halloween movies. Today marks the end of my trilogy. I have made wonderful friends and collaborated with amazing artists on these movies.

Halloween is Over Universal Pictures will release the film in theatres on October 14th.