Report: Ezra Miller Created a “Messiah Complex” and Managed a “Harem”

Troubled actor Ezra Miller has a savior complex and at one point built a “court harem” made up primarily of young women who were drawn into Miller’s “patriarchal dictatorship.”

Two years after the initial appearance of the video shows Miller, 29, seeming to choke a lady in an Icelandic bar, Miller recently announced they were receiving therapy for serious mental health concerns. The 55-year-old Native spiritual guide Jasper Young Bear would tell Miller they were “the next Messiah and that the Freemasons were sending demons out to destroy [them],” according to a person who spoke to Vanity Fair while Miller was in Iceland.

Ezra Miller gathered youths there, teaching “about the metaverse and the medicine and how they’re the Messiah,” the source continued. Back in Vermont, Miller supposedly included Gibson (previously Tokata) Iron Eyes, 18, into their messianic story. According to another source, “Ezra is Jesus, and Tokata’s an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess, and their union is supposed to usher in the apocalypse.” A Miller and Iron Eyes relationship was not more than platonic, according to the actor’s representative.

Ezra Miller shouts at the officers to give their full names and badge numbers while dressed in a sweaty and untidy black suit jacket, burgundy slacks, and a red tie.

Report: Ezra Miller Created a "Messiah Complex" and Managed a "Harem"

Styrofoam Nerf bullets are discovered when the police search Miller’s pockets, and they are put in a plastic bag along with the only item that connects the person in handcuffs to the movie that their acclaimed career and $200 million of Warner Bros. money are riding on a ring bearing the character’s DC Comics logo. Miller appears to have exhausted their wrath by this point. The actor mumbles, “The Flash ring means a lot to me. It is quite valuable.

Two orders of protection were granted against Miller in June. A Native American businessman named Chase Iron Eyes and his wife, Sara Jumping Eagle filed the first in a tribal court in North Dakota on behalf of their 18-year-old son, Tokata Iron Eyes, also known as Gibson. They claim that Miller, who met nonbinary Indigenous activist Iron Eyes when he was only 12 years old, groomed, brainwashed, and emotionally abused the teenager. The parents claim they withdrew their request for custody because they felt the odds were stacked against them. The tribal court issued a temporary injunction but ultimately declined the request for a permanent one.

The Department for Children and Families issued an emergency order, and Vermont State Police were sent to Ezra Miller’s farm. The family now included three young children belonging to Ana, a 25-year-old lady. The woman claimed that Ezra rescued her family from an abusive environment, although Miller’s farm was rumored to be a fun-filled, kid-unfriendly place. An old buddy who came in May tells VF, “I noticed more guns than ever, and three tiny kids running around among them.” The youngster took a bullet and put it in her mouth. The order issued on August 5 required that the state be given immediate custody of Ana’s children.

Ezra Miller quickly repeats, “I’m transgender nonbinary,” twice as someone tries to search his pockets. I object to a man searching me. The actor replies, “That is an act of intentional discrimination and a technical hate crime,” after being addressed as “sir.” Miller, who uses the pronouns they/them, expresses their disapproval of being “illegally punished for a crime of no categorization,” claims they had preexisting nerve damage from police handcuffs and goes on to elaborate about the Nazi’s assault. A cop says calmly, “You should have told us that instead of running away.” “We could have handled everything immediately.