Rodriguez: $209M agreement with a potential increase to $409.3M over 15 years

in Seattle, The Seattle Mariners and Julio Rodriguez have committed to a long-term partnership in the Pacific Northwest by signing a $209.3 million contract that will begin in the upcoming season and have a potential 15-year value of $409.3 million.

The 21-year-old All-Star outfielder will sign a seven-season contract on Friday. a player option with a five-year term, a club option with an eight-year term with award escalators, and a potential extension to a ten-year term. The contract could be worth $469.6 million over 17 seasons, including postseason award bonuses if Rodriguez wins two MVP awards by 2028 or four times finishes in the top five in the vote.

If Seattle declines a one-time club option for 2030–37, which must be exercised after the 2028 World Series, a mutual option for $168 million from 2030–36 from 2030–36 may be exercised after the 2029 Series. There is also a player option, which from 2030 to 1934 guarantees $90 million.

Jerry Dipoto, president of baseball operations for Seattle, said in a statement that Julio is one of the most exciting players in the game and has barely begun to show his potential.

“We believe that this deal’s originality complements the individual. His character off the field is only outdone by his contagious charisma and skill on it. We are overjoyed that future Mariners supporters will be able to enjoy seeing him play in T-Mobile Park for a very long time.
The All-Star rookie’s contract calls for a $15.3 million signing bonus that must be paid within 60 days as well as annual salaries of $4 million in 2019, $10 million in 2025, and $18 million in 2029. He receives a complete no-trade clause.

From 2030 through 1937, Seattle’s choice stipulates a yearly salary of $25 million. After the 2029 World Series, Rodriguez has a player option with a clause stating that he will receive $18 million per year from 2030 to 2034 if he chooses to exercise it.

Scott Servais, manager of the Seattle Mariners, stated on Friday, “He’s learned a lot about Major League Baseball over the previous four and a half, five months, and things he needed to work on and continue to improve upon.” Excellent colleague. You could go on and on detailing his location, after all. However, there is a tonne of really terrific baseball ahead of him, and I am sure that’s what the organization and I are most excited about.

In just his first year with the Mariners, Rodrguez has blossomed into a superstar. In his debut season, he developed from a potential opening day starter in center field at the beginning of spring training to an All-Star.

As of last Friday, Rodriguez was batting.269 with 20 home runs, 64 RBIs, 23 stolen bases, and a.799 OPS. By homering on Wednesday, Rodrguez surpassed Mike Trout’s previous record for the quickest player in American League history to accumulate 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases.

As Seattle enters the final stretch of the regular season in playoff position with a chance to end the longest postseason drought in the major pro sports, Rodriguez is the front-runner for the AL Rookie of the Year award.

“I was fortunate enough, I worked a little bit for the Angels when Mike Trout was joining there and Mike is without a doubt the finest player in the last decade,” Servais said.

Julio faces several challenges, yet they are comparable. Despite having completely different personalities, they have extremely similar skills in the field. They have five different tools. They can toss and run. They possess authority. I simply anticipate having him work for the company for a very, very long time.

The wages for the club option years would raise to $35 million, and the option would be extended to cover the 2038 and 2039 seasons if Rodrguez wins two or more MVP awards and finishes among the top five in MVP votes in four years. The option salaries would rise to $35 million for one MVP award plus one additional top-five finish or three top-five finishes without triggering the 2038 and ’39 seasons.


The option pricing would grow to $32.5 million for four top-10 MVP finishes and to $30 million for two top-10 MVP finishes.

A mutual option is included in the agreement that, if the club option is denied, could be activated after the 2029 World Series and would be worth $24 million each year from 2030 to 36.

Rodrguez has a player option that might be activated after the 2029 World Series and provides for $18 million each year from 2030 to 34 if both the club option and mutual option are declined.

The annual player option salaries would increase to $25 million for one MVP award and two All-Star selections or elections, to $22 million for ten All-Star elections or selections and Silver Slugger victories, and to $20 million for eight All-Star elections or selections and Silver Slugger victories.

Awarded bonuses for Rodriguez each year include $150,000 for MVP, $100,000 for World Series MVP, $50,000 for each MVP, Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove in the League Championship Series, $50,000 for All-Star election, and $25,000 for All-Star selection.

With his success in the first half of the season, Rodriguez was already a rising sensation, but his big break came during the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Despite having a fantastic first two rounds, when he hit a combined 63 home runs and defeated Corey Seager and Pete Alonso, Rodriguez lost to Juan Soto in the championship game.

Rodrguez’s temperament and personality on the field, in addition to his natural talent, have only enhanced what might be a memorable season for the Mariners. His smile, enthusiasm for the game, and some of the similar traits that Ken Griffey Jr. displayed at the beginning of his career remind one of a former Mariners center fielder.

Early in 2021, some contentious remarks made by the former Mariners team president Kevin Mather involved Rodrguez. In February 2021, Mather addressed the Bellevue, Washington, Breakfast Rotary Club and made critical remarks about Hisashi Iwakuma, a former pitcher for Seattle, and Rodriguez’s English. Days after his remarks were made public, Mather announced his resignation.

On Friday, Servais commended Rodriguez’s English skills for helping him manage the attention that has come his way at the age of 21.

His ability to master the English language at such a young age has tremendously helped, as I’ve remarked many times, according to Servais. “It’s not simple. If any of you have ever traveled to a foreign place and attempted to learn the local language, you know how difficult it can be. That he did at such a young age has really benefited him. On the field, it has benefited him. He has benefited from it in everything, even off the field and in developing relationships.