Surprise! 2020 Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina wed

Working together is one of the most frequent ways people find love, and it can happen to anyone, including beauty queens.

When Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico got married last week, it was demonstrated.

On social media, Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico announced the exciting news and posted a video of some of their relationship’s high points.

Fabiola Valentin and Mariana Varela were hitched.

The video begins with some images and videos from their relationship, including vacations they’ve been together, beach recordings, images of their engagement rings, and a video of their marriage proposal. The next scene in the movie depicts the couple, both wearing white, celebrating their union on the steps of the San Juan, Puerto Rico, Marriage Bureau.

“After deciding to keep our relationship a secret, we welcome a special day into our home. They added the emojis for a heart, a ring, and a star and wrote, “28/10/22.” Many of the other women who competed in the beauty competition alongside them have sent encouraging and uplifting words.

Abena Akuaba, the winner of Miss Grand International 2020, wrote: “Omg congratulations MGI brought together a lovely union.”

Varela and Valentin became friends after connecting at the Miss Grand International 2020 contest. Particularly in recent months, the two frequently exchange images of one another.

Varela competed for Argentina in the 2019 Miss Universe pageant and finished in the top 10 at the 2020 Miss Grand International competition. She has participated in numerous ads as a model and has worked on multiple projects to combat gender violence. At the Miss Grand International 2020 competition, Valentin also placed in the top 10. She collaborates with several modeling companies, including one that was formerly in Miami.

Miss Puerto Rico 2020 winner

Estefania Soto Torres has been named the new Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 and will now represent Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2020, according to the Miss Universe Puerto Rico organization. She replaces Madison Anderson Berrios, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, in the title.

As expected, the organization has chosen the first runner-up from the previous year to assume the role since a national pageant could not be held owing to COVID-19. A master’s in intercultural mediation has been awarded to Estefana by the University of Leuven in Belgium. She has worked for the French Embassy in Washington, DC, and a European organization in Brussels during the previous two years. Estefania is a multilingual person who speaks English, Spanish, and French with ease.

Miss Puerto Rico
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When previously questioned about why she would make a good ambassador for her nation on a global stage, Estefania responded, “Despite the fact that I live in a world of superficial beauty,

I am giving myself the chance to grasp the importance of what I have accomplished as a professional. However, there is a competition age limit, so it’s now or never.

Estefania expressed her feelings after being named Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 on social media in a post with the caption “I have to trust this is meant to be.

Estefana’s three strong pillars as a model and a woman who will give the other women at Miss Universe 2020 a strong challenge are her beauty, confidence, and intelligence. Madison Anderson, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, represented her nation at Miss Universe 2018 and, thanks to her outstanding performance, came in first runner-up at the conclusion of the competition.