T.J. Miller won’t collaborate with Ryan Reynolds once more on “Deadpool 3,” and here’s why

Weasel, Wade Wilson’s best friend, was portrayed by T.J. Miller in the first two “Deadpool” films.

According to UNILAD, T.J. Miller won’t be returning to play Wade Wilson’s best friend Weasel in Deadpool 3.

Miller recently made an appearance on The Adam Carolla Show and related a story from the Deadpool shoot. He continued to say in the interview that Reynolds “hates him” and that he changed after becoming “very famous.”

Reynolds’ “handsome visage” was obscured in Deadpool, he said, which was fortunate because it prevented fans from being “distracted” from his hilarious performance by his nice looks.

Things appeared to have changed when he became highly well-known due to the first Deadpool, in my opinion. Would I collaborate with him again? I’m not sure. No. I wouldn’t cooperate with him once more. But since I’ve stated that about Michael Bay, we’ve become friends, and I’d be willing to collaborate with him once more. But Michael Bay, in my opinion, is unique. And Michael Bay also collaborated on a film with Ryan Reynolds, so he has a very clear opinion of the actor, and that was a significant part of our most recent chat.

Carola questioned Miller as to whether he knew the reason Reynolds despised him or whether he had confronted Reynolds about what had transpired. Miller continued by telling a story.

Weasel, Wade Wilson’s best friend, was portrayed by T.J. Miller in the first two “Deadpool” films.

“I sort of wish him luck because I think it’s strange that he hates me yet he’s so brilliant at playing Deadpool. We had a pretty strange moment with Deadpool when he said, “Let’s do one more take,” and I think some people found it strange. Everyone says, “OK,” and I respond, “Yeah, I’m OK.” He was then horribly cruel to me in character, but only to me. I feel like Weasel. Do you know what’s awesome about you, Weasel? Not you, the star. However, you only provide just the right amount of exposition for it to be humorous. After that, we can depart and return to the main film. Certainly [riffing]. He said that EXACTLY for that reason.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will appear in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 when it debuts on September 6, 2024.