The tragedy involved a pro surfer 24-year-old Kalani David passes away from a seizure while surfing.

The 24-year-old had a seizure while surfing off the Costa Rican coast, earning Kelly Slater’s praise as one of the world’s most gifted “rider and skater on Earth.”

Kalani David, a gifted skateboarder, and surfer were remembered after passing away suddenly at the age of 24 from a seizure.

David was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which affects one to three people out of every 1,000 people worldwide, according to The Inertia. Tachycardia, or a very rapid heartbeat, can occur in those who are impacted.

Hawaii native David has participated in surfing and skateboarding competitions all over the world. According to his X-Games biography, he was regarded as “a seasoned veteran” at the age of 14. He was recognized for his talent when he won gold at the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in Panama as a child.

David had openly discussed the condition on Instagram, writing: “With these seizures, I keep having, my neurologist recommended no driving and no surfing till I stop getting them. I mean, I could surf, but if I had one and didn’t get saved in time, I would either die or turn into a vegetable because my brain wouldn’t receive enough air.

“I kept getting lucky; a few months later, I experienced a seizure while driving and another while swimming.

The tragedy involved a pro surfer 24-year-old Kalani David passes away from a seizure while surfing.

“Angels have been looking over me because I’ve been experiencing seizures for the past couple of years while sleeping, and I’m not sure how I keep being so lucky and surviving it all.

“Because I couldn’t believe it, I’ve been ignoring these health problems, but doing so has only made them worse. My entire life has been redirected, not rejected, which is what has caused this change.”

The gifted surfer and skateboarder have received tributes from people all throughout the world. Kelly Slater, a surfer, displayed his talent by winning the World Surf League title a record 11 times. “Kalani was one of the most skilled surfer/skaters on Earth, consistently pushing the limits every time he was on his feet,” he wrote in an Instagram story.

Condolences to Kalani’s vast network of friends from all around the world and the United States.