The ugliest retorts from Kylie Jenner: calling out celebrities, slamming body shamers, and more

2022 September
Kylie Jenner is not here to face backlash for being too relatable.

One month later, she said in a new clip, “Last time I did a TikTok in the car… [the video] appeared to just piss some people off.” Some people may have believed it to be false or that I don’t actually drive myself, which is absurd.

Later, she admitted on her TikTok that it gave her the inspiration for another franchise. She said, displaying the vivid red lipstick she was wearing from the second Kris Jenner x Kylie Cosmetics collaboration, “I was thinking we may start a series called Kylie in the Kar.”

Backlash queen The Kardashian-Kylie Jenner family has called out their detractors equally as often as they have chosen to ignore them, notably Kylie Jenner.

The inventor of Kylie Cosmetics has a lengthy history of tiffs with celebrities, but she’s also never been one to hold back when responding to internet trolls who have called her out.

Kylie Jenner’s social media slams garnered numerous headlines in August 2022 alone. She debunked a beauty expert’s allegations that she “gaslighted” Kylie Jenner Cosmetics customers in the same month that she also called out a TikTok user for disparaging her relatability and urged a hater to “get off.”

The Kardashians star in particular, like her sisters, has no patience for body-shaming, and the majority of her answers are directed at trolls who are after her appearance.

The reality star, who gave birth to her first child with Travis Scott, daughter Stormi, in February 2018, responded to fans who had compared her pre-pregnancy appearance to how she appeared at the time in April 2020 after an Instagram fan account uploaded a throwback image of Jenner from 2017.

The E! alum (who also gave birth to a son in February 2022 with the rapper) responded to the body-shaming comments in the comments section by saying, “I birthed a baby,” including those that claimed she looked “better” before becoming a mother.

Kylie Jenner responded to a fan who had criticized her hair in that same month. The person commented on one of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts in which she was seen attempting to carry a disobedient Stormi inside the house, saying, “Kylie honey, you need some blending on that hair.”

Kylie Jenner replied, “I know bitch it’s been a hard day.

The Kylie Skin inventor defended herself—and her feet—in an Instagram post from a month earlier, in March 2020, when detractors called attention to her “small toe.”

So everyone wants to attack my f—king toes, okay? In an Instagram video of her own, she clapped back, “By the way, I have cute ass feet.” And in middle school, I broke this middle toe. A fractured toe cannot be fixed, therefore I had no choice except to allow it to mend naturally.

See all of Kendall Jenner’s most fiery clapbacks through the years by scrolling down:

Kylie Jenner’s Most Savage Clapbacks
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July 2022
The Kardashians star wasn’t around to respond to TikTok users’ in-depth analysis of her upload from August 2022, which showed her applying a new Kylie Cosmetics Lip Blush shade in the car.

You’re a billionaire, girl, so why are you researching lip kits in your car when you reside in a multi-million dollar home? I just find that amusing. Only one criticized.

It’s actually not that profound or strategic, Jenner retorted. I spent five minutes creating this video. Yes, I still drive and go about my daily business.

Kylie Jenner’s Most Savage Clapbacks
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July 2022
In one of the reality star’s August 2022 videos, the Kendall + Kylie designer clapped back at another TikTok user who remarked on her well-known lips. On Jenner’s video, which showed her and her BFF Stassie Karanikolaou posing with voluminous pouts, the troll remarked, “The lips, please.”

According to The Sun, Jenner responded, “It’s the filter, but go off.”

Kylie Jenner’s Most Savage Clapbacks
Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock; Courtesy Kevin James Bennett/Instagram

2022 August
Jenner got into a fight with makeup artist Kevin James Bennett, who claimed on Instagram in August 2022 that she wasn’t wearing the right safety gear while working in her Kylie Cosmetics factory.

“This is a modest, personal space where I make my own creative, amusing samples and take images for material that has nothing to do with mass production. Nobody is endangering customers in any way! Reality star retaliated. Kevin, you should be ashamed for disseminating incorrect information.

The makeup entrepreneur, according to Bennett, was “gaslighting” her fans and “lied” to him in her answer, which he said was a fake denial. Bennett continued. “Kevin, were you there?” Jenner enquired before cracking a joke about one of her numerous greyhounds. Oh great, I now have to change the name of my dog.

Kylie Jenner’s Most Savage Clapbacks
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April 2020
Two years after giving birth to Stormi, in April 2020, the California native found herself defending her postpartum physique on Instagram. In response to several comments on Instagram that contrasted Jenner’s pre-pregnancy shape with her post-Stormi image, she said, “I birthed a baby.

Kylie Jenner’s Most Savage Clapbacks
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April 2020
In April 2020, Jenner responded to one of her TikTok fans who said she “need[ed] some blending on her hair” with clapbacks.

The skincare expert said, “I know bitch it’s been a hard day.

Kylie Jenner’s Most Savage Clapbacks
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March 2020
Jenner responded to trolls’ comments on pictures of her feet via her Instagram Story: “OK, so everyone wants to come for my f—king toes.” She said, “By the way, I have cute-ass feet,” explaining why some of her toes were different from one another. In middle school, I broke this middle toe. A fractured toe cannot be fixed, therefore I had no choice except to allow it to mend naturally.

Kylie Jenner’s Most Savage Clapbacks
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July 2019
Jenner stands up for her pals as well in addition to defending herself from trolls. “Leave her thick thighs and phat p—y out of this!!!!!” the Calabasas resident wrote on an Instagram post in July 2019 after body shamers reacted to one of Karanikolaou’s swimsuit photographs, according to BET.

Kylie Jenner’s Most Savage Clapbacks
Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock; Courtesy Amanda Ensing/Instagram

July 2019
The social media personality Amanda Ensing alleged that Kendall Jenner had imitated one of her postures in July 2019. The Hulu celebrity uploaded a photo on Instagram in which she was completely covered by a sunhat that she had carefully placed on her head; Ensing had done the same the month before. Ensing said of Jenner’s shot, “This photo looks awfully familiar,” to which she replied, “From the words of Kim K ur not on my mood board but I did get my inspo off Pinterest.”