Tim Allen responds to Biden on 60 Minutes and challenges the mental capacity

In response to President Joe Biden’s appearance on 60 Minutes on Monday, actor, and comedian Tim Allen questioned the 79-year-old president’s mental capacity.

“On 60 Minutes, joe biden appeared. I overheard him inquire about the show’s duration “In a tweet,

tim allen

The COVID-19 pandemic is “finished,” despite the fact that the policies relating to it have not changed, according to Biden’s most recent mistake, for which the White House is currently trying to provide an explanation.

“The epidemic has ended, “During the interview, he informed CBS correspondent Scott Pelley. “COVID is still a concern for us. We’re still working hard on it. The pandemic has ended, though. No one is hiding their faces, and everyone appears to be in decent shape. Therefore, I believe that it is altering, and I believe that this is a prime example of it.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary, is currently tidying up his messes. Just to take a moment to step back, at the time he made those remarks, he was wandering through the halls of the Detroit auto show and taking in his surroundings. We must keep in mind that it had been three years since they last held that event, she stated on MSNBC on Wednesday. “This is a different era. He’s been quite reliable in that regard.

Tim Allen responds to Biden on 60 Minutes and challenges mental capacity
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Concern was further raised by the president during the interview when he acknowledged he is unsure whether to run for reelection in 2024.

“Look, like I stated at the outset, I planned to run once more. However, it’s only an intention “joe biden clarified. “Is it decided that I will run again? That is still up in the air.”

In TrumpWorld, this is considered humour, a user tweeted.

Some people defended Tim Allen, with one former Virginia Republican House candidate stating that he will always be her “favorite comedian.”

“Pretend you are unable to chuckle at a joke. You guys in the comments have some major problems,” a different commenter said.

Really?… Another person remarked, “Twitter is trying to cancel sitcom Dad, Tim Allen, for delivering a dad joke?… buttery soft.”

The “Santa Clause” actor is yet to respond to the uproar.