Tommy Dorfman tells his girlfriend he is engaged and says, “Love is so scary.”

Star of the Netflix film 13 Reasons Why Tommy Dorfman has revealed that she is engaged.

On a recent episode of Rachel Bilson’s Broad Ideas podcast, which was made available on Monday, the actor revealed her engagement to her partner, a cis woman whom she mockingly referred to as “simply a lesbian girl” (15 August).

It’s safe, Tommy Dorfman gushed about the partnership. Additionally unsafe, falling in love is so terrifying. So unpleasant and terrible. All of the common emotions associated with being in love are probably the same.

She admitted to Bilson that her fiancée is the first woman she has been with “in a very long time” and that she has recently started to be drawn to women “in a manner that I hadn’t really been conscious of since high school.”


After getting separated from her husband of five years, Peter Zurkuhlen, in February of this year, Dorfman started to examine those emotions.

tommy dorfam said, “I had this unsolved, untapped thing.

I thought, “This is the year I’m going to go out on some dates with girls and let that stuff out again without feeling bad about it.

After coming out as transgender, she said she and Zurkuhlen wanted to use their separation as an opportunity to “redefine our relationship as friends.”

I adore him, but we’ve come to realize that, as a trans woman, what I’m interested in isn’t always represented in a gay male, she added.

tommy Dorfman. claimed that despite her adamant want to communicate her brand-new emotions, she was reluctant to tell her friends about her attraction to women.

They initially perceived me as a gay male and said, “Oh, like you’re the safest person in the world,” but then I transition and start to feel a little bit more threatening.

She was delighted to find the person she would “spend the rest of my life with” at that time because it appeared that she had already met her future spouse during those months of dating.

Tommy Dorfman, well known for her role as Ryan Shaver in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why initially announced her trans status in a July 2021 interview with TIME Magazine.


She went on to describe the experience of hormone therapy on the podcast, stating that it’s “crazy to be 29 and going through puberty again.”

Additionally, she disclosed that her fiancee assists her in giving herself the estrogen shots that are a part of hormone therapy, claiming that she “knew how, so she did it for me the first time.” She then guided me through everything over FaceTime even though she was out of town.