Trump claims to have invoked the Fifth Amendment during his deposition for the New York AG investigation.

In connection with the civil investigation of his family’s real estate firm by the New York attorney general, the former president of the United States showed up for a scheduled deposition on Wednesday morning.


He was seen arriving at New York City’s attorney general’s office around 9:15 a.m. local.

Donald trump sent reporters an email statement about an hour later in which he indicated that he had invoked the Fifth Amendment protection from himself testifying against others.

“Under the advice from my counsel… “Under the advice of my counsel…

Following an intensification in federal investigations into trump’s handling of classified material, the deposition in New York’s civil case was taken. The FBI searched Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida residence on Monday.MORE: NY AG states that there is significant evidence of fraud in Trump’s business investigation

After a lengthy court battle during which trump has held contempt while he fought the subpoena, Wednesday’s testimony will be delivered. It had been delayed since July because of the death of Ivana trump’s ex-wife.


Donald trump denied wrongdoing and called the investigation politically motivated.

ABC News reached Letitia James, a spokesperson for new york ag Letitia. She declined to comment.

Donald trump appeared to confirm his statement in a post on Truth Social, where he wrote: “In New York City Tonight. Seeing racist N.Y.S. Tomorrow’s Attorney General will continue the largest Witch Hunt in American history. My great company and I are under attack from all sides. The Banana Republic!”

Sources claim that Donald trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump have been deposed in the civil probe.

Trump unsuccessfully argued that he shouldn’t have to take a deposition when the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office was carrying out a parallel criminal investigation. Despite the Manhattan DA’s case still being active, two senior prosecutors who were leading it resigned earlier in the year because there was no indictment.

James stated that her office found evidence of possibly fraudulent conduct in how the Trump Organization valued its real property holdings when applying for loans or asking for tax reliefs.

Her office’s lawyers have indicated in court that they are close to deciding on enforcement action.