Victoria Beckham clarifies the record regarding her choice to have David’s tattoo removed.

Victoria Beckham has spoken out about her choice to have her wrist inked with her husband David’s initials.

The old tattoo was obviously faded in a video that the former Spice Girls member posted on Instagram last month, sparking questions about why she would want to get rid of a tattoo honouring her husband of more than 20 years.

However, Victoria said she was just “sick of the tattoo” when she made an appearance on the US daytime programme Today With Hoda & Jenna.

She explained, “I had these tattoos long, long ago, and they just weren’t especially sensitive.

“My children and my spouse both have lovely tattoos on their bodies. And they hired the most incredible artists to construct them. However, mine were a little bit thicker, leaking a little bit, and just didn’t look as good.

Victoria afterwards insisted: “It means no more than that. I believe the public began to wonder, “Was I divorcing my husband?”

While Brooklyn, Victoria and David’s son, wed Nicola Peltz earlier this year, Victoria and David have been married for 23 years.

Victoria, do you think Brooklyn can learn anything from seeing his parents?

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It comes down to being a tight family, keeping the lines of communication open, and simply being there, she said.

“In my opinion, advice is never truly appropriate. You must be present, but the children must find it out on their own. We are close, so what more can you really want for? All I want is for my kids to be happy.

It’s just that simple: “No, I was just a little tired of the tattoo.”

David, Victoria’s husband, is well known for his extensive collection of tattoos, but all three of their sons have come to share their father’s enthusiasm for body art.

Their oldest kid Brooklyn Peltz Beckham in particular claims to have over 70 tattoos honouring his new wife Nicola, with the number already being quite high.