‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star “Pat Sajak” Teases Retirement: ‘We’re Getting Near the End.

It’s possible that Pat Sajak’s tenure on one of America’s favorite game shows is coming to an end.

After four decades as the presenter of the trivia show, Sajak, the show’s longstanding host, said retirement is getting closer.

Sajak reflected on his time spent filming Wheel of Fortune during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Season 40 of the game show began earlier this month.

By this point, you would typically have said, “That’s probably enough,” but this show won’t end, he said.

Wheel of Fortune has been broadcast since 1975, which is a distinction that very few TV programs can boast. Even The Simpsons, which debuted in 1989 and is continuously producing new episodes, is younger than it.

Years go so quickly, Sajak said in jest to ET before adding, “It appears I may go before the performance. The end is almost here. It’s been quite a while. We won’t continue in this manner for another 40 years.

The end is close, he continued menacingly before telling ET in a slightly happier tone that it was an honor to have spent so much time in people’s living rooms. There were people greeting us outside. We are content and proud.

'Wheel of Fortune' Star "Pat Sajak" Teases Retirement: 'We're Getting Near the End.
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Sajak has been a part of Wheel for many years, but he hasn’t always been the show’s spokesperson. Chuck Woolery, who started hosting the show in 1975 and did so until Sajak was chosen to take over in 1981, came before Sajak. Prior to Sajak, the late, great Alex Trebek hosted Wheel and once stood in for Woolery in 1980.

Sajak has been accompanied on the show since taking over as Wheel’s permanent host by hostess Vanna White, who has been with him since 1982. And the pair returned to the spotlight when Wheel’s offshoot, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, was released.

White told ET she is eager to see Snoop Dogg appear on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, which returns on Sept. 25, but Sajak claimed his ideal contestant would be Meryl Streep.

I still want to see Meryl Streep said, “Come on, huge money,” so he continued to support her. That’s all I want, but she won’t turn on because she learned that this isn’t eligible for an Oscar.

Please grant Sajak’s desire so that he can go to sleep quietly, Meryl, if you’re reading this.