Where Do They Go From Here? Timmy Trumpet Helped the Mets Beat the Dodgers in August.

On Wednesday night, in front of a packed Citi Field, Timmy Trumpet sang “Narcos” live during Edwin Diaz’s entrance as the New York Mets closer closed the door on a 2-1 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was yet another appropriate situation.

This song will essentially be the Queen version of “We Are The Champions” if the Mets are able to ride Timmy Trumpet and Edwin Diaz to the World Series. If you were on Twitter when Diaz walked out, you might have mistaken this for Queen at Live Aid, which is fitting. [Author chuckles]

Adopting songs by teams, fans, franchises, etc. is entertaining and occasionally has the potential to become a tradition. Does it make logical that since 1998, students in Wisconsin have been running around? No. Do they enjoy it a lot while doing it? Yes.

In upcoming posts about the Mets, Timmy Trumpet—who I cannot simply refer to as “Trumpet” but may instead use the moniker “Mr. Trumpet”—was in attendance at the game on Tuesday. He sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and sang at his first baseball game, but since there was no chance for a save, he decided to come back last night. When will he depart? Some individuals believe he shouldn’t.

It’s absurd, but it’s also a good idea. What comes next for Timmy Trumpet and the Mets? Even though the Mets played a fantastic game and defeated the Dodgers, it was still August. If they want one for the, I don’t know the precise name, but whatever the ring finger hits on the trumpet, they will need this in October.

Is Steve Cohen wealthy enough to hire a trumpet player for the squad who is an internationally touring DJ merely to play for 30 seconds each night? Okay, I guess. He is scheduled to perform at a festival in San Diego on October 9 before the MLB Postseason starts on October 7; after that, he only has three stated dates left until his performance at Beyond Monterrey in Mexico on November 5. On that day, there may be a World Series Game 7 as well. There will be decisions to be made.