Who Was Angelo Moriondo? The Visionary And Innovative Who Invented the Espresso Machine.


Here’s everything you need to know concerning Angelo Moriondo. He is an Italian inventor who was credited with patenting the first espresso machine in the world in 1884.

Google honored Angelo Moriondo (known as the Godfather of Espresso Machines) on Monday, June 6 with a doodle. Moriondo was born in Turin on June 6 1851 and was the inventor of the first espresso machine.

A report by NDTV shows Olivia When creating a Google Doodle that features a GIF showing the first espresso machine. Google paid tribute to Angelo Moriondo by saying, “Today coffee lovers sip in honor of the godfather espresso machines.” Angelo Moriondo: An Italian inventor, Angelo Moriondo is credited with patenting the world’s first espresso machine in 1884. Moriondo is from a family of entrepreneurs. His grandfather started a liqueur-producing company. His father Giacomo carried on this, who, with his brother Agostino and his cousin Gariglio, later established the chocolate company “Moriondo and Gariglio”.

Moriondo bought two properties following the example of his family: the Grand Hotel Ligure at Piazza Carlo Felice in the city’s middle and the American Bar at Galleria Nazionale of Via Roma. In Italy, coffee was very famous during Moriondo’s lifetime. People who loved coffee had to endure a lot of hassles, as they had to wait for their coffee to brew for quite a while. Google’s blog states that coffee was once the most popular item in 19th-century Italy. Customers had to wait for their coffee to brew for five minutes. “Moriondo presented his espresso machine at Turin’s General Expo in 1884 and was awarded the bronze award. Moriondo’s espresso maker used to steam and boiling water to brew coffee efficiently. A large boiler heated the water and pushed it through the coffee grounds. The second boiler produced steam, which flashed the coffee beans. After being registered in Paris, on October 23, 1885, the international patent application confirmed the invention. Moriondo improved his invention in great detail over the years. Each improvement was patented.

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