Why is Marilyn Monroe’s death still a mystery after 60 years, according to Netflix’s “Blonde”?

Monroe her away in August 1962, and since then, various explanations of why she suddenly died have circulated.

Many exceptional actors dazzled the screen throughout Hollywood’s golden age with their flawless acting and distinctive styles.

But one person, in particular, dominated the entertainment sector and captivated everyone with her unrivaled beauty and eccentric personality. We are indeed discussing Marilyn Monroe. She achieved great popularity quickly and quickly became one of the most well-known celebrities in the world. Although she enjoyed a glamorous life, she also experienced a lot of unease that she was unable to share with anyone. Perhaps, as a result, no one could believe the news when it was announced that Monroe had been discovered dead on August 5, 1962, in her bedroom.

The actress’s passing shocked the entertainment world, and her fans couldn’t believe that she had passed away just a year after delivering one of her most stirring performances in the 1961 film “The Misfits.” The toxicology analysis showed that acute barbiturate intoxication was the cause of death at the time of her passing.

Despite the fact that it has been more than 60 years since Monroe was officially declared dead, rumors about whether her overdose was a mistake, an overdose, or something even more sinister continues to circulate. But why are these theories still being circulated, and why does Monroe’s passing continue to baffle some? We must first acknowledge that these hypotheses are not brand-new. Many people assumed that Monroe had been murdered as soon as she passed away. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office resumed an inquiry into the actor’s death in 1982, over 20 years after she was found dead in her home, as a result of persistent rumours spread by her followers and supporters.

District Attorney John Van de Kamp, however, stated in December 1982 that “no further criminal inquiry into Miss Monroe’s death was anticipated.

Additionally, he stated that “no credible evidence supporting a murder allegation” had been found throughout his investigations and document analysis. Monroe’s death case was closed after the investigation was concluded.

However, the investigation did not appease many who thought the actress’s death was not a tragic accident and that something terrible had occurred to her. The conspiracy theorists’ most popular theory was that Monroe was murdered because of her ties to US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy.

Why is Marilyn Monroe's death still a mystery after 60 years, according to Netflix's "Blonde"?

According to a 1991 article in Vogue, John F. Kennedy’s brother-in-law Peter Lawford and private investigator Fred Otash met early on August 5 and as soon as Otash opened the door for them, Lawford broke the tragic news of Marilyn’s passing. According to the article, Lawford was a “nervous wreck” since any probe into Monroe’s death would probably turn up evidence of her liaisons with the Kennedy brothers. The report’s most intriguing section, though, is when Lawford ostensibly admits to Otash that he went to Monroe’s residence to “clean up” and eliminated all the strong evidence he could locate.

Nobody has any idea of what this evidence was as of this writing, and it still frightens people. Because of this, even more than 60 years after her passing, a lot of theories regarding how she died suddenly keep popping up online, which is not surprising. Monroe experienced numerous setbacks from the individuals she knew, as can be seen, if you follow her life and see how she lived it after joining Hollywood. Later in life, she developed a drug addiction, which significantly contributed to the misery in her life.

However, the rumours that she had an affair with former President John F. Kennedy made her life even more contentious, so it’s not surprising that she was on many people’s radars. Because of this, when Monroe passed away, a sizable portion of the populace thought that the government had lied to them in order to protect a few well-known individuals.

Even 60 years after her passing, Monroe is still a hot topic of conversation, and it’s unfortunate that people tend to focus on the most difficult times in her life rather than the wonderful work she accomplished when she dominated the business with her charisma and skillful acting.

The dramatized account of Marilyn Monroe’s life called “Blonde” will make its world premiere on Wednesday, September 28, only on Netflix.