You’ll be astounded by the latest photographs of Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner is elegantly chic in her new photos

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Picture Credit by The News International

Beauty guru Kylie Jenner turned heads with her gorgeous look as she was photographed along with daughter Stormi at the hot spot for celebrities Sexy Fish in London.

Kardashians star, who was 24 years old, radiated a glow with a beautiful crocodile skin coat that was fitted with square shoulders and fur trim, showcasing her beautiful features in photos taken through Daily Mail.

The model was seen walking hand-in-hand with Stormi 4 and a half years old, who was wearing an opulent silver dress and carrying a purse that was matching.

The beauty queen has left her legs for display, and her jacket hanging over her knees.

The actress has added a few inches to her size by sporting stunning open-toe shoes with blue straps that be a perfect match with her outfit.

The reality TV star – who is currently in London with her boyfriend Travis Scott, 31 – has traveled across London in the UK this week, bringing 20 suitcases tow for her trip.