Suns climb in the third quarter, and pull away from Mavericks and take a 3-1 series lead

Devin Booker had been receiving excellent shots from the midrange once more. Chris Paul is collecting dimes to find the man who was open. Deandre Ayton is playing inside and was pounding his smaller Mavericks. The Suns defense was creating Luka Doncic uncomfortable and forcing him to make turnovers.
The Suns were a 64-win version of them once more.
The Suns scored a total of Dallas shot 6-of-16 which led to transitions and early clock shots to the Suns. The Suns were able to win the third quarter 33-14 , and never did anything else making the game an all-out win by 30 points in the final minutes.
Phoenix defeated Game 3 110-80 The Suns are now 3-2 on the road in this series. Game 6 will be played on Thursday in Dallas.

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The Suns have been much more efficient at home in this series however Dallas began off to quick start after Doncic making his first three shots from outside the arc, aiding the Mavericks gain and keep a slight lead in early in the quarter. Throughout that stretch it was apparent that the Mavericks were shooting poorly, while the Suns had the best shots.
At the point that the Suns were tied with a score of 40-40 they were able to maintain the momentum. They were able to keep the momentum going. Suns had hit their mid-ranger in a similar fashion, shooting 9-of-20 from the outside of the paint into the arc. The Suns also scored 44 points inside the paint. However, Booker stated that the secret to the Suns third quarterthey began the second half with 19-4 -it was defense.
“Just defense. Achieving at a high level and making it hard on them,” “Just defense. Achieving high levels of defense and making it difficult for them,” Booker said.
Booker recorded 28 points. Ayton scored 20 points and nine rebound. Mikal Bridges scored another impressive defensive performance, keeping Doncic off balance, and Bridges scored 14 points of his own.
Doncic nevertheless scored 28 points, shooting 10-of-23 He also had a little assistance by Jalen Brunson who scored 21. Both were forced to work hard to get their buckets and received very little assistance.
Thursday night at home the Mavericks have to get those key gamers to play their part or else they’ll be off by the weekend.
There was some drama in the final minutes of the game. Marquese Chriss was able to block an Bismack Biyombo shot and was a violation on Biyombo -the Suns did not dribble the clock and Chriss was unhappy. Chriss and Biyombo have a heated exchange and both were expelled -and then Chriss chased Biyombo in the hallway and out of the court trying to carry on with the game. Security was required to intervene and the incident was not reported, however both players could face an ejection from the league.